Udaariyaan 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay learns about his mother

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Udaariyaan 19th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma waking up from the nightmare. She goes to see Armaan and Ranvijay. They sit drinking. They have a talk and laugh. Aasma says actually, I had a bad nightmare. Ranvijay jokes. She tells about the dream of their fighting. Armaan says you get strange dreams. Ranvijay says she is possessive about you. Armaan says I m fine today because of her, we have to go to orphanage. She says we have to go to Gurudwara first. Its morning. They come to the Gurudwara. Aasma prays for Armaan and their daughters. Armaan prays to find Ranvijay’s parents. Ranvijay also prays. Their bracelets get stuck. Aasma thinks everything is fine, why am I feeling tense, why do I feel, something is there, that I don’t understand. She prays. The man asks her not to worry, Baba ji will make everything fine. They come to the orphanage. Ranvijay thinks I feel I have come here before also. He takes a selfie with the kids. Armaan says I will take care of the kids, Aasma, go and look for some clue. Zaid asks Meher to play alone. Meher goes. The lady stops Meher and says come in, you can’t do out. Armaan says don’t scold her. Aasma says make Meher meet the kids. She apologizes to the lady. She says he loves his daughter a lot. The lady says we have to take care of kids, there was an incident in this orphanage, no one could forget it till now. Aasma asks what incident. The lady says someone is calling me. Aasma thinks to find out. Ranvijay performs for the kids. Everyone dances. A boy gets electrocuted. Armaan sees the sparks in the wire. He asks everyone to step back. A boy runs and breaks the water tap. The water splashes on the floor. Armaan and Ranvijay ask the kids to step back. They ask the kids to get on the stage. Aasma comes there and is shocked seeing the fire. She comes running. Armaan asks her to stop there, there is current in the water. Aasma stops. He asks her to cut the main power. Ranvijay says circuit board is in the corridor. Armaan asks how do you know. Ranvijay thinks. Aasma switches off the powers. Everyone runs and gets water to put off the fire. The lady thanks Aasma for saving the kids. She asks how did you know about the circuit board. Aasma says I want your help. She checks the files. She gets Ranvijay’s pic and asks who left him for adoption. The lady says someone came to adopt him, but the kid got stolen that day. Aasma thinks Ranvijay is that stolen kid. He asks who was that woman, can you tell me. The lady says no.

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Its night, Armaan says caretaker scolded Meher. Aasma says we have to cooperate with her. Ranvijay asks did you come to help me or fight. He enters the room to check the file. Aasma tells everything to Armaan. Ranvijay gets shocked seeing the document. They ask Ranvijay did he find anything. Ranvijay tears the papers. He says yes, but maybe she is no more. Aasma and Armaan check the file. Ranvijay says we will leave from here. Aasma asks did he see something, is he hiding it. Armaan asks but why will he hide. Ranvijay comes home and cries. Rano asks what happened. She asks Aasma and Armaan about him. He goes to his room. He cries and laughs. Aasma says something happened, he was excited, what happened to him, he is behaving strange. Armaan says there is something. Ranvijay checks the paper. He cries.

Meher and Haniya come fighting. Armaan and Aasma ask Haniya to return Meher’s pencil. Haniya says Meher should say sorry and stop troubling me. Meher says I won’t say sorry. Armaan scolds Haniya. Aasma stops him. She asks Haniya to return the pencil. She says promise me, you won’t do this again, go and study now. Its morning, Ranvijay packs his bag. Aasma comes. He drops the paper. She asks where are you going. He says I have stayed here for long, I should go. She asks what happened. He says what will I do after finding my parents, its okay, thanks, you and Armaan helped me a lot. She sees that paper. He worries.

The episode ends