Udaariyaan 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia’s wicked plan

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Udaariyaan 14th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with everyone beating the joker. Armaan and everyone try to open the door. Aasma unveils the joker. Alia says Kabir. Armaan opens the door. Kabir runs away and hides. Alia misleads Armaan. Armaan asks Aasma are you fine. Aasma says you are bleeding, come with me, I will do the aid. He says I m fine, let me find him. Aasma says remove the shirt. He says its okay. Alia calls Kabir. He says you made me escape, thanks. She says we need each other’s help, you want Aasma, I want Armaan, you will get your love, I will get what I want. Kabir says then join hands with me. She says yes. Armaan says sorry, I should have been careful, how did he come in, I should go and check. Aasma says you check it later, Ekam and others have gone to check, let me do the aid. Ekam says Armaan called the joker, that guy is lying unconscious outside, the stalker is clever, we should find a clue. Armaan thinks Aasma has a big heart, she is caring for me despite being upset. Aasma rushes outside. Armaan follows her. Kabir scolds Armaan. He argues with Ekam. Aasma says enough Kabir, Armaan has protected me, women should protect themselves, thanks Armaan for making me so strong, and Kabir…. Thanks, the party is over, eat food and go home. Kabir thinks Armaan, you won’t win always.

Armaan recalls the stalker. Armaan fixes the wires on the window and says if anyone comes, then he will get electrocuted, don’t worry, current won’t go, I got the generators, sleep well, good night. He goes out of the room. Aasma asks why are you doing this, I m going tomorrow. Armaan says its okay, you are with me today, I want to live in today, I don’t want you to have any problem here, I m close, you can call me. He goes. She sits crying and prays to Mata Rani. Alia comes to Armaan’s room. She lights a candle. She hides. Armaan says how is this smell coming. He coughs. Aasma gets restless and says I can’t stay in this room with those memories, it’s a matter of one day. She tries to sleep. Armaan gets dizzy. Alia hugs him from behind. Armaan asks Aasma, are you okay. Alia says Armaan, you don’t identify me now. He turns and sees Alia. She asks how can you do this with me, I know you love me. She gets close to him. She says I love you a lot. She takes his phone and calls Aasma. Aasma gets scared seeing the broken glass window. She answers the call. She says stalker might be in Armaan’s room. She rushes to his room. Alia says dad hates me, what would I do now, everything got over. Armaan says leave me. Alia pulls him close. She says thanks, you didn’t leave me. Aasma comes there and gets shocked seeing them in bed. She cries.

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Alia sees Aasma crying. She says Armaan can’t change. Armaan says leave me. He washes his face. Alia asks what’s my mistake, listen to me, our love can’t end like this, you punish me, don’t get upset with me. He says leave me Alia. He gets up and wears his shirt. He says look at your state, how can you fall so much. She says I won’t let you go. He says just go away. She says no, I love you, if you don’t accept me, then I will end my life. He asks did you go mad, you like to die, come, we will end this matter today. He covers her with a shawl and takes her. Aasma looks on. Armaan brings Alia home. He says Alia threatens me of dying and blackmails me, I have come into this house by window many times, I have dared to come by door today, please explain her, I m married and Aasma is my wife, I want to apologize to Aasma and make a new start with her. Ekam scolds Alia. Aasma comes and looks on. Ekam says I promise, Armaan, this won’t happen again. Armaan leaves.

Aasma comes in and says I want to talk to Alia in private, can I? Ekam says okay. Aasma takes Alia to the room. Alia asks what do you want to scold me now. Aasma slaps her.

The episode ends