Udaariyaan 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Rano requests Aasma

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Udaariyaan 10th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma saying I know mumma didn’t do right with Alia, but she didn’t know that one day the negativity she is filling in Alia’s heart will snatch my happiness, I wish Alia was like you and Nehmat, its not wrong to love someone, its wrong to get mad in love and forget humanity, snatching someone’s rights isn’t humanity. Ekam apologizes on Alia’s behalf. He says I wasn’t with you when you needed me. Aasma says you didn’t know that I m your daughter, I m lucky that dad is with me, he has raised me. Ekam thanks Deepak for giving such upbringing to Aasma. He says Aasma, you have two dads from now, I m always there for you. Aasma hugs him and thanks. Deepak asks her to come.

Armaan runs after Aasma. Rano asks Sukhi to let him talk to her. Deepak asks Armaan to go. Armaan says please, let me talk to Aasma. He says Aasma, I don’t know how to make you trust me. She says I don’t trust you, I signed the divorce papers. They argue. He says I m worried for you, if that guy who had tried to harm me, if he harms you, then I will die. She stops. Kabir looks on. Aasma says leave me. She sees her dupatta stuck to his watch. Kabir comes and breaks their tie. Aasma says you don’t need to protect me. Kabir says yes, its my responsibility to care and protect her, I will always be with her like a shadow.

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Aasma recalls Armaan’s words. Preeto and Ashok praise Aasma. Biji says they didn’t value Aasma. Aasma says everyone valued me a lot there. She cries and goes. Armaan is doing some work at the Gurudwara. Aasma cries and says I can’t forget Armaan, he was never mine. Deepak gets sad. Armaan prays to find way to redeem. He thinks I will wait for Aasma to forgive me. Aasma is cooking in the kitchen. Someone holds her. She turns and gets scared. Armaan’s hand burns. He prays. She asks who is there. Kabir pushes her and leaves. She gets Kabir’s call. She says I will talk later. He says I got Diwali event tickets. She says sorry, I won’t come. He says you have to come, I will come in evening, be ready. Rano comes and blesses Aasma. She gives prasad. She apologizes. She asks her to come home. She gives Diwali shagun. Aasma says I can’t break my self esteem. She cries. Rano leaves.

Armaan imagines Aasma with him. They make Rangoli together. Raja comes and says its very beautiful, I never saw you making Rangoli, girls make it. Armaan says no, I m making it for something special. Raja says for Aasma, right, you made her upset. Aasma sees the shagun chunri. She recalls everything. Armaan says my heart says Aasma will really come, if not for me, then she will come for you all. Raja says yes. Aasma cries.

The Episode ends