Titli 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli shocks Garv


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The Episode starts with Titli giving aarti to everyone. She says I have to talk to Garv. Megha holds Garv’s hand and asks Titli to say. Titli asks Garv, are you sure to break relation with me and have a relation with Megha. He asks shall I write and give it. She says no need, I just wanted to hear it for the last time, when you chose Megha, I accept your decision, nothing is imp to me than your happiness, I will get you both married. Garv is shocked. Chintu meets Dhrishti. Dhara looks for Dhrishti. He asks Dhrishti are you sure to do this. She says yes, come.

He says if you feel you shouldn’t do this then… She says I have to do this. They see Sandy. He says I don’t know why we are running after Sandy. She says I m helpless, I m pregnant, if Sandy doesn’t marry me then my family will disown me, better I commit suicide. He says no. She asks him to come. Dhara says I will not call Dhrishti, she will fool me again, I m not a fool. Dhrishti collides with Sandy. They argue. Chintu comes and acts like Dhrishti’s boyfriend. Dhrishti says Chintu has become a businessman today, he has become rich. She lies to Sandy. She thanks him for breaking up. Dhara comes and looks on.

She cries. Chintu and Dhrishti leave. Titli asks Garv are you ready to marry Megha. Koel drops the aarti plate. She asks what are you saying, Titli, this can’t be true. Manikant asks what truth. Titli says Garv and Megha’s marriage will happen now. Maina and Manikant come. Koel says you are Garv’s wife, you are our bahu, this isn’t a game. Titli says yes, that’s why I m doing this, I will leave this house after getting them married. Maina asks are you sure, you want to do this. Titli says yes. Koel says this won’t happen. Titli says its my decision. Manikant says it’s a wrong decision. Titli asks why, Koel also got you married to Maina for the sake of your happiness, same way, I m getting Garv married to Megha. Koel says it was a different matter, this isn’t a game. Titli says Garv and my love was the basis of our marriage, now its not there, how will our marriage stay, its time that I leave from his life, because Megha already took my place. Titli gets sad and goes. Garv cries. Koel stops Titli and asks what do you want to do. Titli takes her to the room and says I have thought well about it. Koel says no, what do you want to do. She cries and says it’s a pain to give own place to some other woman, I sacrificed my love for Manikant’s love, I know how I m alive since that day and why. She cries. She says I know Maina loves me a lot. Titli says I know, Maina will realize her mistake soon. Koel says its about you, not me. Titli says I have planned this drama to make Garv say the truth. Koel says you want him to tell the truth, you scared me, who does this. Titli smiles and hugs her. Garv comes to the room and thinks of Titli’s words. Megha smiles and thinks you will be mine. She says I know your pain, you can’t step back now.

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Titli says I got mahurat for Megha and your engagement, I will leave the house when you marry Megha. Megha says we are ready for the engagement.