Titli 15th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Alpa bursts anger at Viren


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The Episode starts with Megha asking Titli to give space to Garv. Garv goes. Viren says Baa, believe me, Jaishri and I knew each other well, but everything ended before our marriage. Alpa says no, it’s a fake relation between us, you always run away from me, you have a real relation with that woman, you both acted like strangers, you have an affair with her. Viren says not a word more, Jaishri and I respect each other, there is nothing else. Alpa says I won’t go without talking to her, call her home. He takes Alpa with her. Garv and Titli think of each other. Ve kamleya….plays…

Alpa and Viren come out of Jaishri’s house and start arguing. She says you would have left me and married her, right. He says yes, I would have married her and become the luckiest man, but unfortunately I got married to you. She gets sad. He says I didn’t mean that. she says let it be. She goes. Koel recalls Maina’s words and cries. Manikant comes to console her. She says this always happens in the house, no one mentions my name when something good happens, now I got habitual, but I have no complains. He says I have complains with myself.

She says these things don’t matter now, its Maina and my matter, you don’t get involved, its not Maina’s mistake, she isn’t wrong, you have ruined your children, the entire family is paying a price for your mistake, I think we all have to fight the situation and move on, I m not worried for myself, but for Titli, I want Garv and Titli’s relation to get fine, Titli doesn’t deserve this. Chintu asks are you fine, what did Jaishri say. Baa says she cheated us all these things, what did she do. He calls Jaishri and asks her to say. Baa takes the phone and scolds her.

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She says you had a relation with Viren during college times, I hate thinking this, your relation with us is over. Dhrishti comes to the chemist. Chintu talks to Dhara on call. He says I knew Titli will handle everything, I will come and talk to your family about our marriage. Dhrishti asks for sleeping medicines. The man says I can’t give it without prescription. She lies to him. She buys the pills. Chintu buys flowers. He says I will call you back. He collides with Dhrishti. The pills fall. She worries. He asks you here and these pills… She says stay away from me and my life. Koel shows Titli the photo album. She says I wish the old days return and I see them happy, I wish Chiku didn’t lose his memory, I wish everything was fine. Titli says it can happen. Koel asks how. Titli says you know the answer, these old memories never cheat anyone, we always have it in our mind, I m sure Chiku will remember these memories. Koel asks what are you thinking to do. Titli says we will celebrate Chiku’s birthday.

Titli shouts for help and asks Chiku to save her. Chiku holds his head and recalls the childhood. Garv and everyone look on.