Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Sahiba

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sahiba continues to search for Akeer while Akeer hides. Angad also searches for Akeer. Sahiba questions Akeer’s friend who says he saw Akeer going in that direction. Sahiba drives her bicycle behind Akeer. Akeer runs. A speeding truck heads towards Akeer. Sahiba is shocked to notice that and speeds her bicycle towards him, but slips and falls down. Angad notices Akeer, jumps and saves him. Sahiba gets up and runs towards Akeer, but loses consciousness and collapses on road. People around run towards him. Angad asks Akeer if he is fine. Akeer says yes and says he turned out to be a good stuntman and calls him friend. Akeer says he is only his parent’s friend and not his.

Sahiba’s dupatta falls on them. Akeer says it’s his mamma’s dupatta. Angad asks if his mother is around, let’s meet her. Akeer asks why would he meet his mamma, what is his name. Angad says his name is Angad Singh Brar. Akeer calls him Mr Brar. Angad says he used to call his father as Mr Brar. Akeer asks if he doesn’t know that he can’t call his father by name. Angad says he knows and thinks if his child was alive, he would have been of Akeer’s age. Akeer notices Sahiba and rushes to her. Sahiba hugs him emotionally and asks why does he trouble her. Akeer apologizes. Angad’s shoe breaks down. He throws it and walks barefoot. Angad notices Akeer with his mother and thinks she is such an irresponsible mother, such women shouldn’t have children.

Sahiba asks Akeer who saved him. A lady says a sardjari standing near his car. Sahiba tells Akeer that she will thank a man who saved her son’s life and walks towards him. Akeer thinks irritating uncle saw him and will surely complain against him to mamma. He says there is no need to thank that man. Sahiba says they should thank that man. Angad gets into his car and leaves. Sahiba calls him in vain and thinks she couldn’t thank an angel who saved her son. Akeer thinks it’s good that irritating uncle left or else mamma would have scolded him ini front of that uncle.

Sahiba asks Akeer why did he free Sattu uncle’s buffalloes and takes him home scolding all the way. Twinkle asks what happened. Sahiba says he was doing mishiefs, she will complain against him to Diljeet. Akeer says he was just teaching a lesson to irritating uncle who troubled his father and he enjoyed it. Sahiba says one shouldn’t trouble someone, he escaped from a big accident today trying to trouble that man. Akeer apologizes her. Sahiba says he is a big boy but still immature. Akeer says sometimes she calls her a big boy and sometimes immature. Sahiba says he should be a real boy like his father who always helps others. Akeer agrees. Sahiba asks Twinkle to help him in studies. Akeer says he will fail for sure if Twinkle teaches him. Twinkle asks Sahiba not to worry about Akeer. Sahiba says she will go and deliver goods and meet that savior at the hospital.

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Angad returns to Simran. Simran recalls seeing Sahiba. Angad asks if she is fine. Inspector comes to take Simran’s statement. Sahiba reaches hospital and asks nurse if she can meet a girl whom she had brought in yesterday. Nurse says she is fine and her brother was guarding her whole night. She walks to Angad and says a lady who brought Simran here yesterday wants to meet him. Angad asks her to call her then. Sahiba’s dupatta gets stuck in a wheelchair and she walks behind it to free her dupatta. Nurse walks to her and says Mr Angad Singh Brar wants to meet her. Sahiba is shocked and asks who is that girl. Nurse says Angad’s sister Simran Kaur Brar, Mr Brar is calling her in.

Sahiba recalls quality time spent with Angad and Simran. Angad asks nurse where is that lady. Nurse says she will go and call her, informs Sahiba that Mr Angad is waiting for her. Angad walks out of room with inspector. Sahiba stands emotional seeing him but then recalls him disowning her and walks away. Inspector tells Angad that his sister’s statement clears that she fell into truck by herself and Diljeet is innocent. Angad says he wrongly accused Diljeet and wants to meet him. Inspector says he will get Diljeet’s details.

Precap: Sahiba thinks after seeing Angad after many years, she recalled the moments he humiliated and betrayed her; she will not let him know Akeer’s truth and will do something for that, holding Akeer’s birth certificate.