Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Meets Mannat


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Sahiba visits Yash’s house and apologizes Yash for disturbing him. Yash says it’s okay and asks if she came to talk about Rumi. Sahiba says she came to know about Sunny via Mannat. Yash says Mannat is upset after yesterday and is continuously crying, it was his mistake that he brought Parth and Mannat to Brar house. Sahiba says he did good instead and because of him, Angad got back his diamond. She requests him to let her meet Mannat to solve this Sunny’s puzzle. Yash agrees and takes her to Mannat.

Mannat asks Yash why did he bring Sahiba here. Yash says Sahiba wants to know about Sunny. Mannat gets adamant that Angad is Sunny and cusses Sahiba for stealing Sunny from her. Sahiba says the one she met yesterday was Angad and shows news articles about Angad. Mannat says these articles can be fake. Sahiba asks why there is no information about Sunny on internet or social media. Mannat says he is a reserved person. Sahiba recalls Sunny’s friends confusing Angad as Sunny describing how lively he is. She says as per the reports she got and Mannat is describing, Sunny is completely different than what Mannat says. Mannat still refuses to divulge any details. Sahiba leaves Yash’s house and notices Keerat’s wrestling academy. She asks Keerat’s friend about her. Friend says Keerat didn’t come for practice since many days. Sahiba then messages Keerat to meet her right now.

Angad sells junoon-e-dil diamond to Malhotras. Malhotras ask why he wants to sell the diamond to them while he was so passionate to get it in his collection. Angad says time and situation is not in his favor and when he thought of selling it, he remembered their name first. They buy the diamond.

Keerat waits for Veer at Cafe Bliss. She gets Sahiba’s message and replies to her that she is in Cafe Bliss. Veer walks to her and sings Khairiyath Poocho.. song for her. Girls praise his singing and ask for his number. He says they can follow him on social media. They click selfie with him. Veer asks Keerat how was his song. Keerat says it was good, but she didn’t ask for it. He smiles. She says he should be named Happy Singh. He says its a good name and asks her to vent out her frustration on him if it calms her down. She continues to argue with him. He asks if she wants to have chocolate milk. She asks how does he know. He says he found it from Sahiba. He goes to get chocolate milk for her.

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Sahiba meets Keerat and asks if she came here with Veer. Keerat says he wanted to meet her. Sahiba hopes she didn’t disturb them and why she is not attending wrestling academy. keerat reveals in detail what coach did. Veer hears their conversation and thinks Keerat was hiding so much pain under her, he will not spare that coach. Sahiba tells Keerat that she will confront coach and takes her to academy. They see Veer beating coach for molesting Keerat. Keerat tries to stop him, but he continues. Coach overpowers him. Keerat pleads coach to spare Veer. Coach pushes Keerat away, and she falls on a dumbbell injuring her forehead. Sahiba rushes to her help. Keerat asks her to save Veer. Veer beats coach with a dumbbell and threatens to kill him. Keerat stops him and says coach will kill him. Veer says he doesn’t care. Keerat says she cares for him though.

Coach calls Keerat as characterless and accuses her of having an affair with Veer and wrongly accusing him of molesting her. Sahiba slaps him and says she learnt how he harassed Keerat and debarred her from national championship list when she confronted him. Coach continues his stance. Yash walks in. Coach says this girl is wrongly accusing him. Sahiba asks what is he doing here. Yash says he is sponsoring this wrestling federation and after listing to Keerat and Sahiba kicks out coach from academy.

Precap: Mannat calls Sahiba and says she was eager to meet Sunny, she can come here and meet Sunny.
Sahiba reaches Mannat without informing Angad and is shocked to see Angad’s doppelganger Sunny.