Suhaagan 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal destroys proofs and makes dangerous plan

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The Episode starts with Bindiya asking Payal to thank God, as Nidhi came and that’s why she didn’t tell the truth to Krish. She says you wouldn’t have made kheer here for my Krishna ji, and he would have thrown you out. Payal asks if you have drank bhang and come. Bindiya says I came after hearing the truth and plays the recording. Payal is shocked. Bindiya says I thought you are fighting for your love, but the matter is about money. She says I am ashamed that we are of same parents’ children, and says you are not a good sister, lover or human. She asks her to go from here and says I don’t want you to humiliate you and send you from here. She says Rudra felt ashamed and left the city, and also deleted the voice from his phone. Payal gets an idea and looks at the boiling kheer. Bindiya says I promise, that this will be a secret, and I will not tell anyone. Payal says if I don’t go from here then? Bindiya says then my phone will ring and your game will be over.

Payal snatches phone from her hand and throws it in the kheer, says your game is over. Bindiya tries to get the phone from the kheer, when Payal holds her hands tightly and calls Krish asking him to come. She then tells Krish that Bindiya has thrown her phone in the kheer, and then tried to burnt her hand. Krish says this is Bindiya’s drama just like Payal’s drama. Payal says she wants to spoil my kheer. Sakshi says if she wanted to spoil the kheer then she would have added chilli, salt etc. Bindiya says yes, why I will put my phone. Payal says Bindiya is clever since childhood and didn’t add it so that she don’t get caught. Krish scolds Bindiya. Indu asks why did you spoil her first rasoi. Bindiya says Payal herself has done this. She says she will tell the truth. Krish says he don’t want to hear it and asks Bindiya to apologize to Payal. Bindiya takes her phone and leaves. Sakshi taunts her. Krish asks Indu to see Bindiya’s values. Indu asks Nidhi to come or want to see the drama. Sakshi tells Nidhi that she might be feeling bad that kheer is spoiled, and says it is good that it is spoiled. She says at one side, daughter came home, and other side unwedded bahu has made kheer.

Bindiya dries the phone with hair dryer and asks the Servant, if there is someone who can repair her phone. Servant says there is a shop nearby. Bindiya thanks him. Servant says I am your Servant. Bindiya says no, and says you helped me. He asks her to go after an hour, as it is lunch time. Payal hears and thinks to do something to Bindiya in one hour. She calls garage and then she compromises with Krish’s car herself. She tells the mechanic that she will only drive the car and will not go beyond 5 kms. She then throws the tools near the car and smirks. Krish comes to Payal. Payal acts to cry and says she is feeling suffocated. Krish says even he couldn’t come out of this problem. He says I will live my life with you, let Papa come then Bindiya has to go. He says we shall go out. Payal says no Krish, Didi has come, and tells that she will feel bad. Krish asks her to think about herself too and says you always think about others. Payal says ok, and says I will drive. He says he wants to die after playing with his grand children.

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Bindiya comes to her scooty and finds the tyre punctured. She thinks she has to change the tyre. She opens the scooty seat and looks for the tools. She finds the tools near the car and picks it. She finds the car bonnet open and closes it. Krish comes there with Payal and sees Bindiya closing it. He asks her to go to side, as his mood is good and he is going for long drive with his wife. Bindiya thinks she shall repair her phone. Bindiya goes to change the scooty tyre. Payal tells Krish that she will drive and they will go to Mayur water park. He says ok. She thinks they can’t go more than 5 kms as per her plan. She thinks I am driving so that my life is in my hands. She drives and goes with Krish. She sees the oil leaking. Krish plays the song and smiles, and says there are ups and downs in life, but you are my wife and we stay in the same house. He says we will be together for lifetime. Payal looks back. Krish asks why you are in tension. She tells Krish that she is nervous as she is driving after a long time. She thinks they have come 3 kms away and after 2 kms, she will tell Krish about oil leakage. Bindiya changes the car tyre and sees the oil line, and thinks it is leaking from Krish’s car. She follows the line. Payal thinks she shall tell Krish, as much oil has leaked from the car.

Precap: Payal asks Krish to check if oil is coming from the car. Krish asks her to take the car to side. Payal says brakes have failed. The car falls from the cliff. Bindiya is shocked.