Suhaagan 4th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Magistrate questions Krishna and Bindiya how their six months are going on. She asks Bindiya what’s wrong and if Krishna raised his hand over her. Bindiya says there’s nothing like this and even his family members respect women. Krishna is also asked the same question. He tells her about the Ravan Sehen story. Magistrate says that they are talking highly of each other and are an ideal couple so she fails to understand why they are trying for this divorce. Nidhi tells her doctor that she will be there in 20 minutes. Her husband says that

Mr.Chopra says that they do respect each other but a marriage doesn’t only work based on respect. He says that if they are given even six years then also their marriage wouldn’t be successful. Chopra says that Krishna can never give Bindiya the happiness that she deserves as his wife. Magistrate asks Chopra to explain. Chopra says that it’s difficult to explain. Magistrate asks if Krishna has any physical problem. Bindiya gets up and says that there’s nothing like this. She asks Krishna to tell the story. Payal intervenes and says that there’s no mental or physical ailment in Krishna. Magistrate asks how she knows this. Payal says that they live each other and last night
they became one. She says that Krishna didn’t want this issue to come up in front of the society, that’s why he didn’t say anything.

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Payal says that they love each other and can’t stay with anyone else. Krishna says that he was forced into this marriage and wants to get rid of this marriage now. Bindiya speaks out. She says that before their marriage she asked Krishna if she wanted to marry her. Bindiya also says that Krishna faked love for her even after the first few months after marriage. She says that even if Krishna stopped the marriage in their 6th phere, she would have quit this marriage but now that they are married, why would he ignore her now. Magistrate adjourns the session for today and gives another date.

Krishna brings Payal out and shouts at her. He says that the thing that he didn’t want to bring in front of the society, she did it. They engage in a fight among themselves. Chopra intervenes and says that he would get Bindiya out of his life in the next session by using his Brahmastra. When Krishna asks about the weapon, he says that they would have to prove Bindiya characterless in the court.The Magistrate asks Bindiya why she is fighting for this case when Krishna loves someone else and has had a physical relationship with another woman. Bindiya says that she can’t let Krishna dive in the clutches of a wicked person. Magistrate wishes her luck. Krishna refuses to lie about Bindiya to Chopra and asks him to find another way. Payal loses her phone. Episode ends.

Precap: Payal gets blackmailed!