Suhaagan 29th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish insults Bindiya and thanks Payal

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The Episode starts with Krish clapping and telling Bindiya that he knows that she has brought the presentation, and says if you was not there, then what would have happen, Ms. Suhaagan. Bindiya asks what has happened? Krish says magic has happened. He says just as I told that Bindiya ji is bringing presentation, they begin clapping and told that when Bindiya Madam is bringing Presentation, then they said that they don’t need any presentation. He says there is a magic in your name, just as they heard your name, they fixed the deal. Bindiya gets shocked and drops the laptop bag. She closes her eyes. Krish looks angrily. Indu tells her friends that Krish’s wife is the one who has married, and she is Bindiya. Payal comes there to the kitty party wearing in a different avatar. Another friend asks what is she doing here? Sakshi and Indu get up. Sakshi asks why did you come here? The friend asks why did Payal come here? Indu asks Payal come here. Payal says Sakshi bhabhi and you had come, and that’s why I have also come. The friend says they are confused. Payal says she came to chill with them, and says your group is the coolest group of the world, and praises them. She says if you don’t like then I will leave. Sakshi asks her to leave. Payal gives bouquet to the lady in whose house, kitty party is happening. The lady thanks Payal and asks her to stop. She says she has no problem and other shouldn’t have any problem. Indu says we have no problem. Other friend asks why Payal is wearing mangalsutra.

Krish asks Bindiya to open. Bindiya asks him to tell what happened? Krish asks what is the hurry and asks her to come. Indu asks if you have called us to insult, and says lets end the party and leave. The lady asks Payal to sit. Payal asks Sakshi to move and she sits between Indu and Sakshi. She then gets the drink served by the lady, and thinks she always wanted a lavish life and richness.

Bindiya asks Krish to say. Krish shouts at her asking her to be silent. Sakshi tells that Payal shouldn’t have come there uninvited. Payal says she wants to make Mummy ji realize that she can adjust anywhere and will increase her pride. Indu asks her to become a better wife than better bahu. She says if Bindiya had not made burger then Krish would have gone hungry. Payal thinks just wait for sometime, you will get angry on Bindiya and will get mad for my trick.

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Vikram comes and asks what happened? Indu asks how was the presentation? Vikram says what to say? Krish comes there with Bindiya and tells that whatever happened in the office, hear everyone carefully including Bindiya. He says you are today’s celebrity, so sorry to call you Bindiya…Bindiya ji. Indu asks her to say clearly. He tells everything to Indu, blaming Bindiya. Indu asks if presentation didn’t happen. Krish says almost no and then Payal sent the presentation, and he asked Batra to give a chance for Papa’s sake, for your relation with him etc. He gives the presentation to Batra. He thanks Payal and says today you have saved Papa’s company respect and says she used her presence of mind and searched the right pendrive and sent him. Sakshi tells Vikram that she had taken the pendrive from Bindiya which was given by Papa ji.

Krish tells Indu that his choice is the one, who can help him and can walk with him. He says Papa’s choice is courier service till now. Indu says Payal tried to make food, when she doesn’t know, and likewise, Bindiya also doesn’t know about technical knowledge, but then also she tried her best. Krish is shocked. She says I agree that Bindiya has done mistake, but who deserves to be her life partner, I will tell at the right time. Sakshi asks Payal why she didn’t stop Bindiya when she was leaving with laptop. Payal says I tried to stop, but. She says vikram Bhaiyya should have checked the pendrive. Indu asks if the deal is done. Krish says Batra liked the presentation, but don’t know if the deal is fixed. Krish thanks Payal for saving his respect and says Bindiya tried to ruin his respect. He hugs her and says you are best for me. Payal smirks looking at Bindiya. Bindiya is shocked. Payal then acts infront of Krish, and then gives winning look to Bindiya and goes.

Bindiya thanks Ambe Maa for saving Babu ji’s company. She says she will learn from her mistake and will not do it again. She comes to her room. Payal asks her to see the room. She says her target is not just to win the competition, but to throw her out of the house, so that she can start her life with Krish.

Precap: Krish asks Bindiya not to come out of the room, until all the guests leave. Bindiya sees Batra’s condition worsening in the house. She mixes something in the water and makes Batra drink. Doctor tells them that they shall thank Bindiya for saving his life. Batra thanks Bindiya and asks for her name. Sakshi says Bindiya.