Suhaagan 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Suhaagan 28th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Payal saying sorry. Krish says I will go and clean it. He goes upset. Payal also goes from there. Phoolmati says I will bring Bindiya. Payal says just 10 steps and you will be infront of me. She then pretends to faint and fall down. Krish holds her and makes her sit. He says if anyone is here? He asks her to open her eyes. Payal opens her eyes and says she can’t see him with someone else. She says I got late. Krish says when I love you, then how can I marry someone else. Payal says people will call me betrayal. Krish says no, nobody will blame you, as I will stop this marriage. He goes and tells Baldev that he can’t marry Bindiya. Baldev says this is the matter of shame. Bindiya comes there holding the garland and drops it on the ground. Baldev asks what is this misbehavior, and says if you think it as the joke. Krish says it would be a joke if I had married her, and tells that he loves just Payal. Payal comes there and says please Krish, stop all this. Krish asks her not to say. Baldev says you have betrayed me and this innocent Bindiya. He says if you break your marriage with her, then you have to leave from the house also. Indu shouts at him and tells that now Krish has legal right on the house also. She says she is with Krish now. Dadi scolds Payal for ruining her sister’s life. Krish says she loves her sister so much that she was going to sacrifice her love. Payal looks at Bindiya. Bindiya cries. Payal goes to Bindiya and apologizes to her, says everything is fair in love and war. Bindiya slaps her hard. It turns out to be Payal’s imagination.

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Dadi takes aarti plate from her hand and does Krish’s aarti. Payal thinks her plan is superhit, and it doesn’t matter if she gets slapped, everything thinks she is great and was sacrificing for Bindiya. She slips so that Dadi doesn’t do Krish’s tilak well, but the kumkum falls on Vikram’s clothes. Payal thinks her first plan is ruined. Dadi makes them wear garland. Indu’s friend tells that they are not giving envelope.

Master ji, Sarpanch and others bring Bindiya there. dilbaro song plays…..Baldev tells Ishwar that Bindiya is the daughter of all the village, and she has earned this love with respect and hardwork. Krish gives his hand to Payal and then gives his hand to Bindiya. Bindiya holds his hand and gets on the stage. Krish and Bindiya smile looking at each other.

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