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The Episode starts with Riddhi and Darshan arguing about the photo. Ambika says anyone can get it clicked. Hetal says Suraj and Kesar have come. Dhruvi teases Kesar and Suraj seeing the heart pillow. Suraj says he is tired and goes from there. Kesar smiles. Ambika looks at him. Kabir asks Kalpesh if Suraj gave the money to send those guys to London. Kalpesh says yes. Jigni asks why did he send them? Kalpesh says he didn’t know. Kabir asks him to give the address where they have gone. Kalpesh says he has address in his shop and says he will give them later. Kabir and Jigni asks him to come to the shop right now. Kalpesh says his sister has come for the first time after marriage and promises to give them address in 2 days. Kabir lets him go for his sister.

Ansh brings Aarti to the dance studio. Aarti asks what is it? Ansh says it is your new dance studio and you can teach dance here. Aarti says I can’t afford it. He asks her to add stars to the place with her dance. Aarti says I can’t afford such a big gift. He says it is not gift from my side and tells that Suraj bought this place for you, and told that when you earn money then can pay the rent. Aarti says sound good and hugs Ansh thanking him.

Suraj vents out his anger on the punching bag recalling Kesar stopping him from filling sindoor in her maang, saying she is his and he shall fill her maang with Maasu is with them. He tells that Kesar and Ambika gives priority to each other and don’t give any priority to him and has no importance in their lives. Next morning, Ambika gives tea and snacks to Baa. Baa asks her to sit for sometime. Ambika says she has work. Hetal asks her to sit for sometime and says you have been busy since the marriage arrangements began. Ambika says everyone is doing work, not just me. She tells Baa that she is thinking to make Gajar ka halwa for Suraj as he likes it. Driver Paresh bhai comes there and keeps the car keys on the table, saying the car’s brakes are failed, so he is going to call the mechanic. Ambika says ok. Kesar comes there and is about to take the keys to go to office, but Ambika stops her saying car brakes are failed and asks her to wait for sometime.

She brings Gajar ka halwa for Suraj. Suraj says all the mothers use this trick to convince their children. Ambika feeds him gajar ka halwa, and says I am happy to get my lost son back. She says Ambe Maa has given me a daughter who is going to be my daughter in law, and says it is all Ambe Maa’s blessings. Suraj gets angry and spits the halwa. He takes off his tie and asks her to stop Maa and Beti drama. He says you have just one son and says whenever you call her beti, I remember 20 years punishment for me. He says Kesar will only be bahu of the house and asks her to decide whom she will choose, Kesar or me? Ambika cries. Baa asks Kesar on whom Suraj is shooting? Suraj says I knew it. He goes out of the room and takes the car keys from the table and is leaving. Ambika tries to stop him and says car brakes have failed. Everyone sees him leaving in anger. Kesar runs behind the car. Suraj leaves. Kabir comes there in the car. Kesar sits in the car and says Suraj’s car brakes have failed, drive fast.

Suraj is driving the car and hits someone on the road. He ignores and thinks why did I leave you that day, I should have killed you that day, you couldn’t choose between your son and Kesar. Kesar calls him, but he doesn’t pick the call. Kabir asks why did he take that car? Kesar says he doesn’t know and calls him from Kabir’s number, but he doesn’t pick the call. Kesar prays to Ambe Maa for Suraj. She asks Kabir to drive fast. Ansh comes there on the bike and asks Suraj to stop the car. Suraj speeds up and goes. Kabir says Suraj shall put the brakes. Kesar sends audio message to Suraj. Suraj doesn’t hear it, but the message gets played by itself as his hand touches the phone while driving, and the message gets played. He gets shocked to hear that the car brakes have failed and she asks him to take the car to the ground. Ambika and others pray for Suraj. Suraj takes the car to the ground, but there are many people there. He thinks what to do? Ansh stops his bike and stands on the road, signing Suraj to take left. Kabir asks Kesar why Ansh is not moving from the car. Suraj asks Ansh to move. Ansh signs left…Suraj turns the car to save Ansh and the car gets hit on the stone. Ansh, Kabir and Kesar run to Suraj’s car. They shout his name. Kesar cries seeing him injured. Kabir asks her not to cry. All the Gaur family are there and worry for him. Suraj opens his eyes a bit as he is rushed to OT. Hetal asks why didn’t you tell Suraj that the car brakes have failed. Suraj hears this and closes his eyes. Ambika says I told him, but he didn’t listen. She prays for Suraj as he is operated.

Precap: Kesar tells Kabir that Maasu is accused of differentiated between her kids and I am blamed for this. Kabir asks who is accusing this? Kesar says Suraj. Kabir says this is not truth and is about to tell her truth.

The Episode starts with Neelam telling Rishi that once Lakshmi’s treatment happens then you shall bring her home, and I will welcome her like a bahu shall be welcomed. She says let her get well and treated and till then lead a normal life and concentrate on business. She asks him to help his dad in business and help Ayush, and says he is still learning. She says people are talking anything about you in the city and says you have become topic for gossip. She says you shall be responsible for us, and says you love Lakshmi so much, but why you regard me as your enemy. Rishi says you are saying wrong, tells that I never regarded you as my enemy, you are my Mom and I love you always and can do anything for you. He says Lakshmi is in my breath, in my every breath and just like I said that I can do anything for you and family, but if I don’t have breath then I will die. Neelam says enough and says you want to fulfill responsibility of Lakshmi’s husband, but you have to fulfill responsibility of a son also. Shalu gets worried and says Jiju has responsibility of di and house. She says everyone wants her to be in the asylum. Bani says Virender uncle is out of City and ayush is busy in business. Shalu says we shall do something to free Lakshmi di out, can’t go to Asylum due to City, but shall bribe the doctor. Bani asks from where we will get so much money. Shalu tells that Balwinder might have given money to Rano to bring Di here, so that he can send her to Asylum and take revenge from Di. She says she must have taken money from him. Bani says we didn’t get the money. Shalu tells that they shall check the entire house properly and right now Neha and Chachi are not at home. She says we will get money and can use it to free Di and also we will come to know if Chachi is involved or not. They go to search the house.

Lakshmi refuses to get the treatment. Nurse tells that if she doesn’t get treatment then she will stay here forever. Doctor says then you will live and die here alone. Lakshmi says no, and tells that she wants to go to Minto. She agrees to get the treatment done. They tie her hands and legs, and ties electric wires band on her head. Nurse says done. Lakshmi asks what they are going to do and says she will make herself fine. Doctor says what is the use of my education and asks her to be quiet. Nurse gives her electric shock. Doctor laughs aloud. Nurse smirks. Lakshmi cries and faints. Doctor checks Lakshmi and says she has fainted, it is enough for now. Rishi is restless. Ayush calls Rishi and asks if he is fine. Rishi says how I can be fine until Lakshmi is with me. Ayush asks did you think what to do? Rishi says I was planning that and going there. Ayush asks where I shall come? Rishi asks him to handle business for now and says I will handle everything. Ayush asks if I will be doing dinner with Bhabhi and you. Rishi says hopefully.

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Bani and Shalu are searching in the house for money. Bani says we shall search in the kitchen. Chachi is clever and might have kept the money there. Rano comes there and claps. She says that’s why I call you Rahu and Ketu. She says your doubt didn’t end and says I will search with you. She pretends to search for money and asks Bani if you saw in the sink or under the dining table. She says money is not found, I will go from here, and you shall search it. She says whatever money you get, you shall give it to me.

Doctor comes somewhere in his car. Rishi hits his car accidentally. Doctor gets down the car and asks Rishi what he has done, did you call me for this. Rishi says he will give the money for the damage. He asks the people to go who is watching them. He then shows the blank cheque to Doctor and says it is not Lakshmi’s price as she is priceless, and asks him to write his price. He says I need a certificate also that Lakshmi is fine. Doctor says you called me to do this deal and says I was aware of it. Rishi says I will not let Lakshmi stay there. Doctor asks him not to order him even by mistake and says your work can be done if I agree. Rishi says enough, and says I understand your plan and says you are behind Lakshmi for money. He says it is obvious that no doctor will do anything for a patient going out of the way when her family is asking not to do. He says I understood your planning well, and says you want to keep her in the asylum and wants me to yearn in pain for her, then you will demand money from me. He says this was your plan, and asks him to fill the cheque and return him Lakshmi. Doctor says 50 crores. Rishi says I will give you 100 crores and says your 7 generations will have food without doing any work.

Lakshmi takes Rishi’s name and says her head is paining. Nurse says we are treating you. Rishi says I am doing this money to you legally so no enquiry will happen against you. He says you have not seen this much money before. He asks him to give medical certificate and says he don’t want any police drama. He keeps the cheque in his pocket and says I want my Lakshmi back. Karishma asks Neelam what is in that Lakshmi that Rishi runs behind her, and Shalu comes here to take help. Neelam says Rishi has forgotten everything due to Lakshmi and says she don’t want business to suffer. Karishma says Rishi shall understand, it is enough of Lakshmi. Neelam says he is not agreeing to her. Malishka says he will accept all your sayings and I will force him to agree. She says I know that you want to make me bahu even now. Karishma says yes, I wish Lakshmi shall not come back, and somehow Rishi and you shall get married. Malishka acts and says I get married to him or not, but I love Rishi and regard Neelam aunty as my Mom always. She says Rishi will be my friend always. Neelam says I am very proud of you and says it is my badluck that you couldn’t become my bahu. Malishka hugs her and tells that you regard me as your daughter. She says I will make Rishi as the businessman again. Karishma appreciates and thanks her. Malishka says you are always welcomed. She thinks she is doing this for herself, business is just an excuse, I want to keep him away from Lakshmi and Doctor will help me.

Doctor tells Rishi, I am a doctor and you are trying to bribe me. He says Lakshmi is unwell and her brain is working like of a child. He asks why you are worrying, she will be fine with treatment. Rishi asks him to give his Lakshmi to him. Doctor tears the cheque and throws it. Rishi says I had given you money and grabs his collar. Doctor says if you hurt me then I will hurt Lakshmi there, she is in my hospital. He says you will get rotten in jail forever. Rishi says if Lakshmi was not in your captivity, then I would have made your condition worse. He says it is clear that you have nothing to do with Lakshmi and just cares about money. He warns him saying if anything happens to him then he will not spare him. He goes. Doctor thinks he lost 100 crores and thinks if Madam/Malishka had come to know that he took money and let her go, then she would have exposed and trapped me and then I would have gone to jail and my licence and certificate would get cancelled, and says what is the use of 100 crores if I can’t use it then. He thinks to inform her that Rishi has become dangerous and that they shall do something about Lakshmi.

Karishma tells Neelam that she trusts Malishka and says she will make Rishi as old Rishi, who was of this house and not of Lakshmi, who was a businessman and who used to love Malishka and who had not believed Lakshmi’s fake love. Neelam says I just want my old Rishi back. Nurse makes Lakshmi sit in the room. Lakshmi is semiconscious.

The Episode starts with Bindiya reading the diary and finding the similarities between Amma and her life. She reads in the diary, that she thought Kaveri as her sister, but what she did with her, she can’t think even in her dreams and that she will not leave her. She imagines Payal as Kaveri and herself as Durga/Amma. An imagination is seen, Bindiya as Durga confronts Payal/Kaveri for trapping her husband. Krish comes there as Manohar and says you are misunderstanding us. Durga says I have seen how you both were hugging each other and asks her to leave. Kaveri asks Manohar to see what Durga is doing. Manohar warns Durga and tells her that Kaveri will not go from here. Durga tells Manohar that everything will be ruined, don’t do this. Her imagination ends as she reads the story. She goes out hearing Baldev. Krish has brought Payal back and tells that it was our mistake to send Payal from here, now she will stay with us here. Payal sees Bindiya and holds Krish’s hand. She winks her eyes at Bindiya, smirks and then makes a puppy face. Bindiya imagines them as Manohar and Kaveri, and Manohar asking her to accept his decision.

Indu tells Krish that he is rebelling and going against them. Krish says it is difficult for Payal to stay there. Indu asks if she is from the royal family that she can’t stay there, and says Nikku’s house is not as big as our house, but it is good. Bindiya tells that Amma gets hyper seeing Payal. Krish says it is your misunderstanding and says you don’t leave any chance to hurt Payal. Bindiya says this is your problem, you think right as wrong and viceversa. Indu asks why you are getting angry. Krish says he wants to rectify his mistake. Payal asks Bindiya to stay away from her family matters. She says don’t know what magic you have done on Amma. Bindiya says you never loved anyone, except yourself and requests Krish not to let Payal come infront of Amma. Krish asks why you are saying this? Bindiya says I know which you don’t know. Baldev signs her not to say. He scolds Krish and asks Bindiya to take care of Amma. He says we shall not have any hopes from anyone, it is our foolishness. Indu tells that whenever your Papa called you stupid, I made him realize that he was wrong, but today I realized that your Papa was not wrong, but I was wrong. Krish sits on the sofa. Payal smirks.

Baldev tells Indu that Krish changed his decision from night to morning. Krish tells Baldev that you don’t see my pain. Indu says what do you think that your Papa don’t trust you. Krish says if he trusted me then would have told me about Amma’s past. Baldev says he can’t let her past come in open. Krish says even he loves his Amma and tells that Payal is also in pain, and she had miscarriage. Baldev says which is a big lie. Krish asks what is your problem with that innocent girl, just because she is my choice. Indu asks them not to argue and asks Krish to keep Payal away from Amma, and asks him to go and sleep. Krish goes upset.

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