Suhaagan 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal decides on her next ploy

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The Episode starts with Bindiya telling that today is her first victory. Payal says you call this as your victory. Bindiya says you got the wealth on Krishna ji’s name, but I got it back from you. She tells that she will expose her infront of Krishna. Baldev tells Indu that he worries for all his children. He says Nidhi has left her sasural and came here. Indu says I talked to her, but she didn’t tell anything. Baldev says I talked to Damad ji, but he didn’t tell fully. Indu says it might not be Nidhi’s mistake. Baldev tells that she knows how damad ji and his family is. He says right now Pankaj went to Suraj and says he will talk to him after his return. Payal comes to the temple and tells that Bindiya has snatched the thing which she likes a lot, ie, Krishna’s wealth, so she will snatch the thing from her which gives her happiness, ie her faith and devotion. She mixes soil in the grain pot while Ambe Maa’s idol looks on. Payal looks evilly and hides before Bindiya could see her. Bindiya finds soil outside the room, and worries thinking from where did the soil came from. Payal goes to Nidhi’s room to save her from Bindiya, and wipes her hands with tissue papers. She finds pregnancy kit. Nidhi comes out of bathroom. Payal congrats her. Nidhi asks her not to tell anyone about it. Payal smiles and takes her in her confidence and says she will destroy it. Nidhi gives the kit to her. Payal goes to bathroom and comes out, saying she has flushed it, now nobody will know. She asks Nidhi why she is not happy with her pregnancy. Nidhi says you don’t have any right to ask this. Payal says this is your body, baby and decision so you shall take the decision. Nidhi says my family and sasural will not understand. Payal hugs her. Bindiya comes there and sees Payal hugging Nidhi. Nidhi asks Bindiya why did she come there to spy on her. Bindiya goes from there. Nidhi tells Payal that she is wise, but Bindiya has cowdung in her mind. Payal says Bindiya will be out in 4 days and asks her to go and rest. Nidhi says I will rest, and asks her to go, says this is my room. Payal says ok. She looks at the pregnancy kit and smirks while going.

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Bindiya comes to room and gets surprised seeing Krishna. Krishna asks why she is surprised. Bindiya says she is happy to see him here. Krishna says he don’t want any drama to happen here, and asks her to stop smiling and sleep silently. Bindiya thinks his eyes are closed, but he is seeing everything. Krish says this is my side and asks her to go and sleep to the other side. Bindiya says ok Pati Dev. He asks her not to call him pati dev. Bindiya thinks she is happy that he came to her room though due to helplessness. They touch the blanket together. Krish opens his eyes and looksa t her. Bindiya’s hair fall on his face. Song plays….Krish says I can’t sleep and rests on the bed. Bindiya covers blanket on him. krish throws the blanket on the floor and then rests on the bed. Bindiya thinks she feels love for him. She clicks pic with him and smiles.

Payal keeps pillow on her stomach and acts as if she is pregnant. Her innerself laugh at her. Payal asks why you are laughing, if I can’t become a mother. Her innerself tells that you need a husband for that, and I thought you want to be malamaal/wealthy and asks when did you have change your plan? Payal thinks I will become a mother to become wealthy. She says Bindiya, marriage rituals, law and everything will fail, and bindiya herself will go away from my way.

She calls Krish. Krish is sleeping and picks the call. Payal asks where are you? Krish says I am sleeping in my room. Payal says what? Krish says he don’t want any drama and asks him to go and sleep. Payal opens the door and finds Krish sleeping alone on the bed. She thinks thank god, Krish haven’t slept with Bindiya. Bindiya comes to the door suddenly and says it is not good to peep in newly weds room, and asks her to go from there. She closes the door.

Episode ends.