Suhaagan 24th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Payal plans revenge with Bindiya

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The Episode starts with Payal recalling Bindiya slapping her. She goes to the water pump and says you have stopped my engagement and slapped me, now I will tell you what is the real humiliation. She cuts the water pump pipe and opens the water tap, to make the water flow. She then compromises with the knob of the bathroom door. She says next day, everyone will suffer. In the morning, Indu and Sakshi come out of room and tell that water is not coming in their bathrooms. Payal comes there and pretends as if water is not coming in her bathroom also. Shanti says they have taken bath already. Amma, Baldev and Bindiya have also taken bath. Baldev tells the poetry. Indu gets irked. Sakshi says Mummy ji have anything without having food. Indu scolds her. Bindiya tells that she had gone to take bath when she found that the water flow is slow, so she filled all the buckets. Payal gets upset that her plan ruined, as it will execute when Bindiya goes to bathroom to take bath. She says but water is over and tells that she has called the plumber to repair the motor. Amma says don’t know who has kept the motor on. Shanti praises Bindiya and tells that she is waiting to make Bindiya as her bahu. Sakshi thinks Samay is hot and happening and Bindiya is illiterate. Bindiya thinks it seems Samay didn’t talk to Badimaa.

Payal comes behind Bindiya and hits her on her head, but it turns out to be her dream. Sapna comes there and pats on her shoulder. Payal realizes that it was her illusion. Krish calls and says water is not coming in his bathroom. He collides with Bindiya. Bindiya keeps hand on his eyes. He asks why you collide with me. Bindiya asks him to go and wear the clothes. Samay comes out and tells Bindiya that water is not coming in his bathroom. He says he was coming to him as she is a solution box. Bindiya says she is not a solution box and don’t want to talk to him. He asks what happened? Bindiya says till now you didn’t speak to Badimaa. He asks him to tell else she will go and tell truth to Badimaa that she has not accepted her proposal, shagun and necklace. Payal hears and thinks she has played a conspiracy and says now chirayya people will bring alliance for Bindiya. Samay sees Payal and comes to her. Payal acts as she is setting the vase. Samay sings song and tells that since I saw you in holi color, my mood is good. Payal says you. Samay asks her to call him tum. She says ok and tries to go. She finds her pallu stuck and says leave my Pallu Sam. Samay sees Pallu stuck under his slipper. Payal asks him to leave her pallu.

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Krish comes there and hears Payal calling Sam and saying leave her pallu. He asks why you are calling Sam. Payal says she didn’t take Sam’s name and says he must be thinking about him. She asks Krish to go and see if the water is coming. Baldev says plumber has come and has repaired the motor, says water will come in sometime. Nidhi asks him to go to storeroom bathroom as water will come there first. Krish is going there. Payal thinks Krish shall not go there, as she has compromised with that door knob. She calls Sapna and asks her to tell that storeroom knob was not working. Sapna goes. She comes to Krish and is about to tell him, when Sakshi calls Sapna asking her to bring Payal juice. Sapna goes to give her juice. Krish goes. Payal thinks she will pour juice on Bindiya’s clothes. She sees Bindiya coming and throws juice on her. Bindiya asks what is this? Payal asks can’t you see and walk. Bindiya says you does mistake and argue. She asks how I will clean this. Payal asks her not to act and says everyone knows that store room tap has direct water supply. Bindiya goes. Payal thinks now it is time for plan 2.

Precap: bindiya is in the washroom. Samay and Krish are both coming to bathroom. Krish runs inside. Bindiya is standing and asks why did he come? Krish asks bindiya to let him check the knob. Bindiya steps on the soap and falls. Krish holds her and shower water falls on her.