Suhaagan 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Baldev gets furious on Payal-Krish

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The Episode starts with Bindiya waking up at 6 am, and thinks how she can sleep till now. The sunlight falls on Krish’s face. Bindiya thinks Krishna ji is feeling the sunlight, I will ask him to go to room and sleep. She then thinks, he is sleeping peacefully, so she shall ask him not disturb him. She thinks to go and make arrangements of Navratri puja. She puts the curtain on the way so that the sunlight don’t fall on him. Nidhi finds that she is pregnant and gets shocked. She thinks she can’t become mother now, if anyone comes to know about this. Bindiya comes to Nidhi and asks her to come for the puja. Nidhi says she knows and asks her to go.

Payal comes to Krish and sees him sleeping. She thinks she will woo Krish and lies down beside him, and tries to arouse him. He holds her. Payal covers themselves with blanket and tries to kiss him, when Baldev comes there and drops the kalash pot seeing them in such state. Krish wakes up shockingly, while Payal gets up. Krish asks Payal why did she come there. Baldev shouts and goes to Indu. Indu asks what happened? Bindiya is sitting in the inhouse temple, making arrangements for puja. Vikram says early morning, drama started. Baldev says it is a limit of shameless. Indu asks what happened? Krish and Payal try to defend themselves. Baldev tells Payal that she is shameless. He tells Indu about what he saw and tells that he is afraid that they will ruin their respect. Bindiya tells Baldev that yesterday night, she had slept with Krishna, and says don’t know when Pallu came to him, and says he was in deep sleep.

Indu asks Baldev if he heard. Baldev says what was Payal’s need to go to Krish? He tells that court and society’s eyes are on them and says Payal shall leave now. Vikram, Sakshi and Nidhi support Baldev. Payal says I will leave, if you all want for your happiness, though I have no place to take shelter. She is about to go, when Sakshi calls her and asks her to take her bag. She asks her to go out and says I will send your stuff out. She calls Sapna. Indu holds her head and goes from there. Payal thinks I can’t leave, do something Krish, I was shown the door. Sakshi thinks she is going in slow motion, clever fox. Someone comes and gives papers to Krish. Krish stops Payal.

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He signs her, holds her hand and takes her inside. Sapna keeps Payal’s suitcase out. Bindiya says Payal can’t stay here, she has no right here. Krish says Ms. Suhaagan, Payal has full right here. Nidhi asks Krish why is he messing up with bindiya. Krish laughs and says everyone was asking, with what right Payal will stay here? Bindiya asks him to say clearly. Krish says until you leave from here, Payal will stay here as a tenant, and says I have given my guest room to her and this is the lease agreement. Baldev asks with what right, you have given this guest room to Payal. Indu tells that she has given the room on rent to Payal. A fb is shown, Krish convinces Indu and says this is the only way to defeat Bindiya. Fb ends. He tells Bindiya, if she only knows to do drama and says you have initiated this fight, but he will give her tough competition. Bindiya tries to go. Krish stops her, making her fun and asks Bindiya and then Payal, if they know what is special about this agreement, and asks them to guess. Payal says how do I know? Krish asks Bindiya to guess, being clever minded. He says you couldn’t guess, and says I will tell you. He says this agreement is for 11 months, but you are here for just six months. He says I will not take 6 months to throw you out, but will throw you out in 11 days. Payal thinks Krish must have made some plan.

Sakshi tells Vikram that Krish has made chutney of Bindiya’s confidence. Krish asks Bindiya if she is shocked, and says this is called tit for tat. He laughs and asks Bindiya, how did she like his surprise, and asks her to look down and says may be the land is pulled from under your feet. Bindiya looks at Baldev and then tells Krish that her trust is stronger like a mountain, which can never throw her out or break her trust. She says I liked your own thing, until yesterday you was calling Payal as your wife and now made her as ordinary tenant legally, and asks him to see if the land under him is pulled away.

Precap: Payal tells Krish that if Court comes to know about Baldev’s property, then he has to give 50 percent to Bindiya. Krish says he will transfer all property to her name, and says she will be his wife after Bindiya leaves from here. Bindiya snatches papers from Payal’s hands.