Suhaagan 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update: Bindiya refuses to forgive Krish

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The Episode starts with Amma asking Krish about his feelings. Indu says his head is paining and asks her not to increase his headache. Baldev says pain and headache goes if one says truth, and says we have to know about the drama which happened there. Krish recalls Payal slamming her for falling on Bindiya’s feet, making fun of himself and hurting her (Payal). She asks him to clear that whatever he did was in inebriated state, so that nobody have any misunderstanding. Baldev asks Krishna to tell whatever is in his heart. Bindiya says I don’t want to hear, whatever he said, had said and says it doesn’t matter to me. Amma says we all want to know. Bindiya is about to go. Nidhi asks if you don’t want to hear Krish and your truth. Bindiya says who likes to hear the lie, and says Krishna ji will say that he has forgotten it as he said all that in inebriated state. She turns to go. Krish says he didn’t forget anything and can’t refuse whatever he heard. Samay says so you have understood that Bindiya ji has made place in your heart. Krish says I told clearly, then why you are asking again and again. Payal says leave it, whatever is said in inebriated state is just nonsense and doesn’t need any justification. Krish tells that it was his heart talk and not any nonsense. Bindiya thinks what happened to Krishna ji. Amma tells that Krish fell in love with Bindiya.

Payal asks Amma, Baldev and others if they are happy now that they have done planning and plotting to ignite love in Krish’s heart for Bindiya. Amma says this way you have done much plotting and planning, and he should love you more because of that. Payal insults Amma. Bindiya asks Payal why she is insulting Amma. Payal says Amma and Babu ji had called Samay here to fix Bindiya here, and to ignite love in Krish’s heart for Bindiya. She tells Indu, if she had not told her. Shanti says my son has business, and will not come to act. Indu scolds Amma, Baldev and Samay. Bindiya goes from there. Krish is about to go behind her, but Payal holds his hand. Krish asks her to leave his hand. He goes behind Bindiya and asks her to listen. He says I want to talk to you. Bindiya says but I don’t want to talk to you, and says I told you so much, but you didn’t give any reaction. He says even now you are silent and asks her to answer. Bindiya says Baba used to say that if the questions are unnecessarily, then the person shall be silent rather than giving answer. Krish asks her to listen and says don’t know what had happened to me that day, that I said that word to you, I feel disgusted on myself and feel shame. Bindiya recalls Krish asking her to fulfill her lust…She says stop it, I don’t want to hear. Krish says I want to apologize to you for my wrong doings, and says your heart is big, please forgive me. Bindiya says forgiveness is not given for disrespecting and says a woman can give her life, but can’t forgive when the matter is about her respect. Krish says if you can’t don’t this for me. Bindiya asks him to ask the mornings and nights when she used to cry, and asks her to ask Suhaagan’s broken dream which used to make her realize her defeat. Krish says I can understand your pain. Bindiya says no, you never understood my pain, and says I stood by you, wiped your tears and tried to share your pain and you have named my love as lust. She says the wound which you gave me, can never be healed and that’s why I am folding my hands and saying you that I can’t forgive you.

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She thinks what had happened that made Krishna ji realize his mistake, when I loved him, he didn’t value my love, and now suddenly he has feelings for me. Bindiya goes to Samay and asks if it was plan, if Payal was saying truth. Samay says you have trusted a liar guy, I didn’t expect this from you. Bindiya says even I didn’t expect this from you, suddenly Babu ji buying land in Chirayya etc, is not a concidence. Amma says I will explain to you. Bindiya asks if anyone can betray her daughter. Amma says I will explain to you. Baldev says I wanted to make Krish understand that he can’t get a better life partner for him. Bindiya says you did it for our betterment, but betrayed me. Amma nods no. Samay tries to talk to Bindiya.

Precap: Krish walks on the burning coal and apologizes to Bindiya. Bindiya stops him and Krish hugs her. Bindiya says he has to fight for her suhaag and love.