Suhaagan 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 19th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Krish asking Bindiya to leave and says there is no reason or excuse for you to stay here. Payal asks Amma to have Dalia. Amma’s hand stumbles as she tries to eat it. Baldev asks if you are fine, say something Amma. Bindiya tells Payal that she will go from here, but vent out your anger on Amma. Payal says I am handling her with so much love. Bindiya says she couldn’t eat food also, and wipes her mouth and cleans her saree. Payal says you want her to be dependent on you, so that you can stay here as nurse. Baldev says there is nothing wrong to help someone, and asks if Amma shall be hungry, as she couldn’t eat. Amma coughs. Payal tells Indu that she will take Amma to her room, as there is negativity here due to Bindiya. She asks Amma to come, and takes her to room. She makes her sit on the bed, and says buddi…you are fat and asks if you was just having rotis in the hospital. She forcefeeds medicine and water in her mouth and makes her lie down on the bed. Amma looks at her. Payal scolds her and asks her to sleep quietly, else I will make you drink all water, then neither Bindiya nor Ballu can wake you up. She says you have become cruel day by day. Krish gets angry on Bindiya and calls her cruel for her argument with Payal. He asks her to leave. Baldev says Bindiya said what she has seen and tells that she said as she is worried for Amma. He says just a night passed, and says we can’t take a decision. Indu says one night passed peacefully, but Amma’s mood is not trustable.

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