Suhaagan 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Magistrate asks Krish and Bindiya to stay together for 6 months

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The Episode starts with the lawyer telling Krishna that there is no importance and value of such witnesses in court. He says you wanted to marry Payal and that’s why accusing Bindiya of this heinous crime. The lady constable asks Krishna, why didn’t he tell them about this big incident when you called us yesterday and says something is wrong. Pandit ji says he can’t solemnized the marriage without mahurat and also illegal marriage and leaves. Bindiya asks Krishna to accept her as his suhaagan. Krishna says he will never accept her as his suhaagan. Master ji says how you will not accept her, when we have done her kanyadaan. Kaka says your marriage was done with her with all the rituals. Sarpanch tells that all the village got Bindiya married to Krishna. Kaka says we all are witness of Bindiya and Krishna’s marriage. Inspector asks Baldev to say something. Baldev says I just want to say, that I didn’t agree for this marriage which is happening now. Nidhi says when Papa don’t want this marriage to happen, then why shall I get involved. She tells that she is attending the marriage as it was happening. Sakshi and Vikram also go to Baldev and Bindiya’s side. Indu shouts that she can’t bear enough and goes from there. Payal asks why you are doing this and asks why she is bridging a wall between Krish and her, and says Krish’s happiness is with me. Bindiya tells her that Krishna ji’s happiness is with me and not with you. She says I would have become a wall between you both, if you have loved Krishna ji. Payal says what do you mean that I don’t love him. Bindiya says no, I have understood well. Indu brings a money bag and throws money on the ground. She says I know well, why these villagers came here, and asks them to pick money and leave. She says you all will become rich.

Sakshi asks Vikram to see that Indu is showering money on them. Payal thinks the money rain shall happen on me and not on others. Inspector tells Baldev that Commissioner is his friend, but he will not support him in his illegal activities. He tells Baldev that he has to arrest Indu, for trying to bribe them. He asks lady constable to arrest her. Bindiya folds her hands and tells that Maa ji is not doing this intentionally, and asks her not to arrest her. Sakshi picks the money from the floor. Nidhi and Payal try to help her, but Sakshi says she will do it herself. Krishna tells Bindiya that he will take divorce from her today itself. She reminds Krishna that he had given her a gift which she didn’t accept, and says today she has brought return gift for him. Krish throws the gift box on the floor. Bindiya picks it up from the floor and asks him to see it, says it is your favorite gift. She opens it and shows the file from it. She tells that it is his favorite gift, divorce papers and says I have signed it and now it is your turn. Everyone gives mixed reactions.

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Payal and Krish get happy. Bindiya looks at Baldev and recalls talking to him. A fb is shown, Baldev says I trust you fully and tells that you must have thought before leaving. Bindiya says I will give him divorce, as Krishna ji wanted. Baldev says what you are saying? Bindiya says divorce will happen and it will make me closer to him, and says it be possible when my friend is with me. Baldev says your friend is with you. Fb ends. Bindiya gives pen to Krish and asks him to sign. Krish signs happily. Payal also smiles, and then she sees smile on Bindiya’s face and gets worried. She thinks what Bindiya is going to do, and asks Krish to stop, but he has already signed. She reads the papers and asks Krish why did you signed? She says it is written that you want to divorce her, but Bindiya don’t want to divorce him. Bindiya takes the papers and gives to lawyer. She tells that she don’t want to divorce him, and tells that she wants to fulfill all his wishes. Krish says very soon he will throw her out of the house. Bindiya says I will clean the dirt from your eyes, and says this is my promise to you. She walks towards him. He moves back. Krishna asks Inspector to ask her to go as the marriage stopped and the divorce papers are signed. Bindiya says not yet, husband ji and tells that the picture is still remaining. Krish says I will see your film and your face in court. Magistrate comes there and says she has come. Inspector says Magistrate sahiba, you have come. She says when Krishna and Bindiya Shukla are married, but how he can get remarried to someone else. She tells that it seems your husband is not satisfied with you, and that’s why he wants divorce from you. Bindiya says law can’t forced me to divorce him. The magistrate says you shall stay with him for 6 months and then also if you both want divorce then divorce will happen. Payal and Krish are shocked.

Precap: Magistrare asks Krish to make bindiya wear mangalsutra. Krish makes Bindiya wear mangalsutra. Master ji tells Bindiya that he will leave now, and tells that their work is completed. Bindiya says your work is not done and asks them to take the other daughter from here. She holds Payal’s hand to throw her out.