Shrimad Ramayan 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Laxman and Sita want to accompany Ram

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The Episode starts with Ram convincing Kaushalya. She says I m proud of you, I permit you to go, I will also come with you. He says I can’t do Adharm, Pati Dharm comes before children, dad needs you here, you have to be with your husband. She says I m sure that you will fulfill your Dharm and come, I don’t know if I will be alive to welcome you. Sita says no, I m sure that you will welcome us when we come back from the jungle. Ram says Sita, you… Sita asks why, is Dharm different for Kausalya and me, you said Pati Dharm is to be with her husband, I will stay with my husband. Kaushalya looks at Ram. Sita smiles. She says I can’t do Kuldharm without doing Pati Dharm, don’t make me weak, bless me to do my Dharm and send me. Kaushalya cries. Ram says Vanvas command is for me, I can’t ask you for it. Sita says you are right, if you leave your half part in Ayodhya, then how will you keep the tradition, we are connected, if I m body then you are soul, we can’t stay separated. Ram smiles. He says a woman is a pride of the house, she deserves respect, she can’t be taken on an exile, how will you stay there. She says you are my pride, relations are valued by love, I will stay with Ram.

Ram says you will get thorns of sorrow. Sita says I accept, I can’t tolerate the arrows of your leaving. Ram says but I have promised Janak, I will always protect you, I assured Sunaina that I won’t give you sorrow, if I take you on Vanvas, how will I face them. Sita says yes, you can’t protect me if you leave me in Ayodhya and go, you want to give me sorrow by keeping me away from good deeds, I have also promised my parents to keep Mithila values, I will stay as your shadow, I m also a part of Raghuvansh, when history says Raghukul’s Kulvadhu left her husband’s support for the comfort of the palace, will Raghukul’s pride stay intact. Ram says you made me speechless, we are going to a jungle, not any garden. She says if we are together, then the jungle will become a garden for me, we are equal in everything. Kaushalya says I won’t stop you Sita. She gives Sita’s hand to Ram.

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Laxman gets angry and says I know who has plotted this conspiracy. Sumitra says listen to me once. He says its time to take action. He goes to Ram and Sita. Laxman says you are ready to go on vanvas. Ram says Dasharath is our dad, he made the promises. Sita says Kaikeyi is our mum. Laxman says she is just Bharat’s mum, so she asked Rajya for Bharat and vanvas for Ram. He asks Sita to explain Ram and stop him. He says you are with Ram in this injustice. He asks Kaushalya what happened to you, you are blessing them to go, I won’t keep silent, I will see, how does this happen in Ayodhya, even if I have to kill Bharat’s mother.

Ram warns Laxman. He says Kaikeyi is my mother first, don’t cross limits in anger. Laxman says sorry, what limits, Kaikeyi has already crossed the limits, she would have not cursed you if she was a mother. Ram says dad also gave the same command. Laxman says not dad, say King Dasharath, who got blind in woman’s love and doing Adharm, I m ready to fight him, don’t worry, I will make you and Sita sit on the throne, even the Praja has the same wish. Ram says revenge is also Adharm, I know you will never do this sin.

Laxman asks what shall I do, shall I tolerate this torture. Ram says no, dad is getting tortured to send me on vanvas, think of him, he can’t share his sorrow and pain with anyone, he has kept Raghuvansh’s Maryada, you want me to forget my Dharm towards him, and even Kaikeyi isn’t at fault. He explains Laxman. He says path of Dharm isn’t easy, but always right, we have to follow the path of our ancestors. Laxman cries. Ram says you serve Bharat here and do your Dharm. Laxman says no, and holds Ram’s feet. He says I will just protect you, don’t make me away, take me along, you are my everything. Ram cries and hugs him.

Ram takes a leave. Kaikeyi comes to bid him a farewell. She gives him Vanvasi clothes. Ram, Laxman and Sita leave. Dasharath shouts Ram….