Shrimad Ramayan 8th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Ram accepts the exile

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Shrimad Ramayan 8th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ram saying just such a little thing, Maa, you should have told me, you would have not needed to ask for this wish, Ayodhya will get blessed to get a King like Bharat, tell me the second wish. Kaikeyi says my second wish, you will leave Ayodhya and go to exile for 14 years. Ram says I accept, it will hurt a little to leave my old father and three loving mothers in this situation, but I will be happy, I will get more chance to help my Praja, to serve the saints and get right knowledge from them. Dasharath cries. Ram says I will be proud to keep my dad’s promises, I will be satisfied to fulfill your wishes, you have given me happiness, Maa. Kaikeyi cries.

Ram says I will surely fulfill your wishes and keep dad’s promises. Dasharath holds his chest and cries. Ram says you got worried for such a little thing, didn’t you trust me. Dasharath holds Ram’s face. He hugs Ram. Ram calls Sumanth and says no one should know that dad isn’t well, go to Rajsabha and give my message to everyone.

Sumanth says Ram’s Yuvraj Abhishek is stalled. The people ask what’s the matter, what is hidden from us. They leave. Sumanth says Ram said he will come and talk to you. Sumitra asks the matter. He says sorry, I just got this message. Mahadev and Parvati look on and talk about Ramayan, a life’s problem gives two options, to win or lose, Ram has chosen to win. Manthara tells the maids about Dasharath’s promises to Kaikeyi. She says Bharat will become Yuvraj, and your Ram will become Vanvasi. The maids scold her. Ram comes to Kaushalya and says Bharat’s Yuvraj Abhishek will happen.

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He says I got a bigger blessing than Ayodhya’s throne, I have to become capable to fulfill Kaikeyi’s wish and Dasharath’s promise, 14-year Vanvas. Kaushalya and Sita are shocked.

Kaushalya says you have loved Kaikeyi more than me, she has done this with you. Ram says she has given me a chance to learn the real meaning of love, she freed me from this royal politics, my Bharat will become the King, he will handle my duties, Kaikeyi is younger than you, you have to handle her. Kaushalya says you got all the blessings, what do you want to ask me.

Laxman says I will not stop, even if I have to kill Bharat’s mother.