Shrimad Ramayan 5th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad shakes the entire Lanka

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The Episode starts with Angad saying I will make my place on own, Ram’s devotion has strength, my throne will be made higher than yours. He makes his throne by his tail. Raavan says good illusion, I have seen this many times, Ram has made the bridge by taking vanar sena’s help, I don’t need any bridge to reach Swarg lok, go and kill Ram, I promise, I will always keep Kishkindha protected. Angad says Bali has also taken Ram’s help in his last time and asked me to serve Ram, he realized his mistake late, you don’t get late in realizing it. Raavan asks him to shut up, Ram is a coward and he has sent you with a peace proposal. Angad praises Ram and his compassion. He gives Ram’s message to Raavan. Raavan asks will Ram become my friend if I return Sita to him, will the vanar sena go back. Angad says entire world chants Ram’s name, you are doubting his word, its foolishness. Raavan laughs and scolds him. He says tell Ram to forget his wife, and leave from her life, because Raavan’s name will be taken with Sita now. Angad warns him.

He says you are a devil, your end is close. Raavan says I will tell you what devils do with monkeys. He asks the devils to prove themselves by cutting off Angad’s head. Angad says I will show you the power of Ram’s devotion. He comes down. He beats the guards. He says I m Kishkindha’s prince, Ram’s messenger, I challenge you all, if anyone can move my foot by an inch, then I promise, the entire vanar sena will return without any battle, nobody will show any right on Sita, and Kishkindha will be Raavan’s servant from now. He lays his foot firmly on the ground. The palace gets shaken. Sita and Trijata also feel the shaking of the earth. Ram and everyone also feel it. Sita asks what’s this earthquake. Trijata says I don’t know, Angad has gone to Raavan’s Sabha. Hanuman says I think Raavan made a mistake in front of Angad, he is Bali’s son and my student, and he is protected by Ram, trust me, Ram will protect Angad. Ram looks on.

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Angad asks is there any brave person here. Raavan says you proved it today, monkeys have less intelligence, you will now prove that you don’t have Bali’s strength. The Asurs go to lift Angad’s foot. They all try one by one and fail. Angad asks are these your brave devils. Meghnad asks him to shut up. He says I will move your foot first and then I will behead you. Raavan smiles. Meghnad tries to move Angad with all his might.

He falls back. Raavan worries. Angad makes fun of him. Meghnad asks how dare you. He gets a sword to behead Angad. Raavan stops him. He says he will be killed by your hands, but after completing his challenge. Raavan goes to move Angad’s foot. Angad steps back when Raavan bends. Raavan’s crown falls down. Angad says you shouldn’t hold a messenger’s foot, go and fall in Ram’s feet, your entire clan will get blessed, I heard you have much knowledge, just think, one messenger of him has burnt your entire Lanka and another messenger of him has got everyone in his feet, think what will happen when Ram comes here, your crown is smarter than you, it bowed down to Ram’s greatness. He kicks the crown out of the palace. He says those who has chosen to support Ram, no one can stop it from going to him. The crown flies to Ram. Hanuman catches the crown and smiles. He says its Raavan’s crown. Ram smiles.

Trijata says Raavan has lifted the weapons. Sita says Raavan will try his best before his end. Ram encourages the army for a big battle.