Shiv Shakti (Zee) 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti saves Shiv’s life

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 8th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shiv is crying and screaming for help. He is about to touch the water which is electrocuted. Shakti is running to him. She enters the storeroom and looks around for him. She sees the room filled with water, she is about to enter the room but Shiv shouts to not enter.. that thing will eat you. She sees lizards in the room. She tries to enter but Shiv runs to her and gets electrocuted. He recalls his accident and is in shock. Shakti screams and gets a stick. She throws it at the board and the wire gets unplugged. Shakti rushes to Shiv and tries to wake him up. Mandira comes there and thinks if Shiv dies then I won’t spare Ranjan. Shakti drags Shiv’s body from there. Ranjan sees him and thinks he is dead. Shakti bring Shiv out of the room and calls for help. All are shocked to see Shiv lying unconscious. Manorama says this Shakti keeps getting in trouble because of him. All rush to Shiv. Mandira comes to Ranjan and says you will be jailed for this. Ranjan says Shakti saw us both together so you will be doubted too, you should stay away from the scene of crime. Things are out of your control now so stay away. Chacha apologizes to the guests and they all leave.

Ragunath is trying to call a doctor. All are worried for Shiv. Mandira acts and cries for Shiv. She thinks if anything happens to Shiv then everything will be destroyed. Shakti checks Shiv’s heartbeat and says I have to do something. She opens his jacket and gives chest CPR. Ranjan thinks he can’t wake up. Shakti gives him oxygen, all are shocked seeing that. Manorama says what are you doing? Ragunath says she is giving him CPR, let her do it. Shakti keeps pumping his chest and giving him oxygen. Shiv coughs and becomes conscious. All are happy seeing that. Shakti says he is okay now, he was just unconscious. Ragunath thanks Lord. Keertan checks Shiv. Shakti says his pulse his normal. Keertan says she is right, he is okay now. Dadi thanks Lord. Ranjan is angry and thinks Shakti saved him again. Ragunath asks Shakti how did this happen? Shakti says Shiv was electrocuted in the room, there was water in the room. Manorama asks how? Shakti says it was not an accident, someone tried to kill him. All are shocked. Manorama asks who? Ragunath says tell me. Shakti says I know. She goes to Ranjan and slaps him hard. Manorama says what are you doing? Shakti says he deserves this only, he should be beaten up badly. Ranjan’s mother asks what did he do? Shakti says he plotted to kill Shiv. Ranjan says why would I do that? Ranjan’s father says my son is respected that’s why he is not doing anything. Shakti says Ranjan locked Shiv in the room, he started water there and put live wire there. Ranjan says I didn’t even know where Shiv was, I was dancing in the party. Shakti says I know he tried to kill Shiv. Ranjan’s mother you are talking as if there was a CCTV camera recording him. Shakti calls the videographer and asks him to show the recording. Mandira gets scared that she might be exposed.

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The episode ends.