Shiv Shakti (Zee) 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti challenges to expose Mandira

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Scene 1
Shiv asks Keertan what does he think about Rimjhim? Mandira nods at Keertan so he goes to Rimjhim and hugs her tightly. He tells Shiv that this girl is my life. Shiv and Shakti look on. Keertan tells Rimjhim that someone called me and told me that you were in the mandap and didn’t run away, I was heartbroken. I didn’t know what to do, I thought I would lose my love but then I found out that it was Shakti in the mandap.. I felt I got my life back. I want to tell you that I love you. Please forgive me. He hugs her, Rimjhim smiles and says its not your fault.. I am happy that you love me too, I don’t care about anything else. I love you too. Mandira smirks and recalls how she told Keertan that if Shakti doubts him then she will be in trouble so he should just say that he loves Rimjhim. The flashback ends. Mandira smirks and says he proved to my son. Shakti says if this is the truth then why didn’t you call Rimjhim later on? Keertan says I was embarrassed as I didn’t come to take her. Shakti says you could have called at least. Shiv tells her to calm down and says the good thing is that its not a one-sided love story and this story can end in their marraige. We can talk to our families now. Mandira smirks and says this is my next plan. Shiv tells Shakti that we will have a relationship of inlaws now as Rimjhim is going to marry Keertan. Mandira comes to them and asks what’s going on? Shiv says I am just dropping off Shakti and Rimjhim. Keertan says I need to go to hospital, he smiles at Rimjhim and leaves. Mandira says I am going for a pooja for Shiv’s safety. Shakti glares at her and leaves. Shiv tells her that Mandira is my savior.. she manages everything and even takes care of my medicines. Shakti says we should talk to her about Rimjhim and Keertan. Shiv says we should give her sometime. Shakti says I don’t think and goes to Mandira. She asks Mandira what game is she playing now? I know your son is not as innocent as he seems.. if anyone hurts Rimjhim then I won’t spare anyone. Shiv sees them and says I don’t think they are talking about Keertan. Rimjhim says I don’t know what they are talking about. Shiv says maybe they are talking about me. Shakti tells Mandira that I know you were behind planting Ranjan. You locked Rimjhim in the storeroom and used Keertan. Mandira smiles and says you are very smart. Lets bet that you can’t expose me this time also. I used Keertan and made Rimjhim run away but what proof do you have against me? The wind blows so Mandira wipes her face and says the history will repeat and I will win again. She smiles at her. Shakti tells her that Shiv doesn’t know you are filled with hatred but I am in his life now. Mandira says what can you do? Shakti says I will expose you and bring the truth out soon. I will prepare to send you off away from his life. You are a ravan in a woman form. Lord is with me so do you accept my challenge? Mandira holds her hand and smirks. She says Lord will be with me this time so I accept your challenge. Shakti is confused but smiles. She goes from there. Rimjhim bets with Shiv that they are talking about her college. Shakti sits in the car and says we were talking about college. Shiv gives money to Rimjhim as a bet. Shiv says what’s the plan for Keertan and Rimjhim? Rimjhim blushes. Shakti thinks I have to expose Mandira’s plot.

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Shiv and Shakti come to the college. Shiv says you are a special student that’s why I brought you here myself. He shows her photos of expert doctors from their college. Some students see Shakti and taunt her because of her photo in the newspaper. Shiv brings Shakti to a cabin and says its my Dadu’s cabin, I made this college because of him only. He brings her to his cabin. Shakti smiles seeing his photo. Shiv holds her shoulders and talks to her but Shakti sees people gossiping about them. Shakti thinks I won the scholarship but I have some battles to fight still.

The episode ends.