Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Rimjhim thinks Shakti is her enemy


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Keertan cries and says I will die without Rimjhim. Mandira drags him away. Rimjhim tells Manorama that she proved who is more closer to you, you never took a stand for me and always supported this Shakti, she is not even your real daughter. Manorama tells her to stop it but Rimjhim says no, I will talk today. She tells Shakti that you snatched my love from me so I curse you never get love, you will beg for love but you would never find love. Whoever you marry, that person will hate you and you will be alone in life. Chacha tells her to stop it, she is your sister. Rimjhim says I always stood by her as a sister but when it was her time to pay back then she didn’t. Manorama tells her to shut up but Rimjhim tells her that you did welfare by taking in this orphan but you forgot your own daughter for her. I had a right on your motherly love and this Shakti deserved your pity only as an orphan but we gave her place here, we made her part of the family when she was just a filth. Manorama slaps her. Rimjhim says you are beating me for this orphan? Manorama shouts how dare you call her an orphan? when you were born, she was in my arms already. I am her mother so don’t you dare call her an orphan. You think you have a right on this family and house but Shakti have a right on this house and on my love, you can’t take it from her. She is my daughter and have always been more of a daughter than you, everyone knows that I have 3 kids and it will never change. Rimjhim says you have only 2 kids and that’s the truth. You have made me an orphan by taking her side, you never took a stand for me so I am an orphan in real. She angrily goes to her room. Shakti begs with her to listen to her but Manorama tells her to leave her, she should know that she is wrong. She asks her to go and get ready. Shakti looks on.

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Rimjhim cries in her room and recalls Keertan’s begging for her. She says I won’t let Shakti win.

Mandira tells Keertan that she is so proud of him, you fooled Rimjhim so nicely. Keertan says thank you for saving me from Rimjhim. Mandira says you will find everything soon. Keertan says you keep saying I will die, is this a joke? Mandira says that’s psychology, I will use anything to get what I want. Rimjhim will die without you but Shakti won’t let it happen, Rimjhim is greedy to become our daughter in law, now we will give pain to Rimjhim and Shakti will be hurt. I have already made them against each other. Keertan asks what will happen next? Mandira says Rimjhim will try to commit suicide. Keertan is shocked hearing that.

Rimjhim is crying in her room and recalls Keertan saying he will die without her. She says I love him so much, I will die without him and maybe my family will realize about our love after I die. We will become one after dying, we will be united.

Mandira and Keertan come back home. Shiv comes to them and asks where did they go? Mandira says I am sorry for taking your proposal for Shakti but I have tried to sort things out. Shakti won’t marry you now, we just have to convince our family now. Shiv thinks I knew she wouldn’t marry me, she promised me. He leaves. Keertan asks Mandira what game is she playing? Mandira says just watch.

Shakti asks Rimjhim to come for the pooja but Chacha says let her be. Rimjhim locks herself in the room and makes a noose around a fan to commit suicide. Shakti is feeling something is off.

The episode ends.