Shiv Shakti (Zee) 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandira plans to end Shiv and Shakti’s relationship

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shiv tells Shakti that they will expose Ranjan tonight only. They both go from there. Mandira hears all that and says wow.. I will end their love story before that. Keertan comes there and asks what are they doing here? I don’t like seeing Shiv and Shakti together. Mandira says you are going to be useless. She asks him to stay with the box. She looks around for Nandu. Keertan asks what’s in the box? Mandira says its Shakti’s downfall along with Shiv. She sees Rimjhim in her room and asks Keertan to bring water bottle from the room. He says fine. Mandira asks him to give his phone, he gives it and leaves. Mandira smirks and messages Rimjhim from his phone. Rimjhim checks it and it reads that he wants to break all limits and rush to her but maybe its too late, nothing can be done but how can I control my heart? Rimjhim is sad reading that. Keertan enters her room and she is shocked seeing him. Mandira smirks seeing that. Keertan angrily leaves her room without saying anything. Shakti comes there and sees him leaving. Rimjhim is crying and says why he keeps coming in front of me? it hurts me to see him. Keertan goes to Mandira and asks what is she doing? Mandira says look for Nandu as he is going to be important for us. She goes from there with his phone. Shakti comes to Keertan and asks what was he doing in Rimjhim’s room? He says I came here because of my mom.. I never wanted to be here. Shakti says what you mean? Keertan says I don’t know what Mandira wants, he leaves. Shakti is confused. She sees a gift moving and is confused. Its Mandira’s box. She is about to check it but Shiv calls her and takes her from there. Keertan sees that and says thank God she didn’t see it. He hears something moving around in the box. He is about to open it but Mandira stops him and says don’t you dare. He asks what’s inside? Mandira says there is a venomous thing inside.. it will remind Shiv what his past was and he can’t forget that. He will go back to darkness then. Nobody will focus on his future then.

Scene 2
Shiv tells Shakti that we should go to Ranjan’s house to find some clue. Shakti says he doesn’t even have a friend. Shiv says who would want to be his friend. Shakti laughs. Ragunath smiles seeing them and Padma says they both seem like made for each other. Ragunath says Shiv seems so happy with her. Mandira comes there and says they both look like made for each other. Maybe we should talk to Shakti’s family after mehndi. Padma is confused hearing that. Ragunath agrees and says I hope Chacha accepts our proposal. Shiv is helping Chacha and Shakti smiles seeing that. She looks at Mandira and says I don’t what she is up to now. I have to find out. Mandira smirks at her. She leaves. Mandira says she must be shy as she is in love. Chacha has to agree as Shiv is a nice guy. She asks where is Nandu? Padma asks why? Mandira says who can take care of Shiv better than Nandu? she goes to look for him. Padma says I don’t know what she is up to, I have to protect Nandu. She calls him but he is not picking up. Mandira sees that and says I will take care of all my enemies today.

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Shiv tells Shakti that maybe we will find something from Ranjan’s family. Shakti says why would they expose him? Shiv says where is he? Ranjan comes there and hides. He has a medicine and says I will kill Shiv for beating me up. His brother comes there and asks him to behave today. Ranjan says its my time to take revenge. His brother says I don’t want to be jailed, he leaves. Ranjan calls someone and says just do as I said.

Chacha welcomes Ranjan’s family. Ranjan brings his friends too. Manorama asks them to have a seat. Ranjan smirks at Shakti, he is about to approach her but Shiv comes there and stands with her. Shakti goes away with him. Ranjan sees Ragunath there and says I have to hide from him. Mandira comes there and says to stay away from my husband and Ragunath.. don’t do anything today. She leaves. Ranjan thinks I won’t spare Shiv. I will kill him.

Shakti asks Shiv to try to remember where he saw Ranjan. He tries to remember but can’t. Mandira hides and says he can’t remember anything. His past is locked inside this box which I will expose today.

The episode ends.