Shiv Shakti (Zee) 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Shiv gets his confidence back because of Shakti

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 26th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shiv and Shakti come to the family. Mandira asks Shakti if she is okay? she says we all feel it was all someone’s plan and not an accident, we feel someone is trying to harm you. Shakti says you are right, someone is trying to harm me. Dadi asks if she saw someone? Ragunath asks how the glass broke in the hospital? Shakti says I know how, someone shot at Shiv and it hit the window. Ragunath says who shot him? Mandira asks Shakti if she noticed the number of the truck that followed her? she shows her the truck number. Dadi says I am sure the same man must have shot at Shiv, who would it be? Gayatri shouts enough.. this is all done by this Mandira, she is our real enemy. She tried to kill Shiv and then attacked Kartik. Dadi says what are you saying? Gayatri says that’s the truth, she can do anything and her reality is so evil, how dare she try to kill my kids? I will finish her. She takes a knife and says I will see if you fear for your life like you make others fear for their lives. She tries to attack her but Mandira runs away from her. She tries to take the knife from her. Shakti requests Gayatri to calm down but she doesn’t listen. Mandira and Gayatri are fighting over the knife but Shakti grabs the knife and cuts her hand in the process. Her blood spills, Shiv rushes to her. Gayatri asks Shakti why she stopped her? I want to kill her. You shouldn’t have stopped me, I would have gone to the jail if I killed her but my kids would be safe then. Shakti says Mandira is innocent, she didn’t do anything. Gayatri says what are you saying? you know she is behind all this, why are you saving her? Shakti says you are mistaken, it wasn’t Mandira. Dadi says Gayatri has gone crazy, she is blaming Mandira for no reason. Ragunath says how dare you to attack Mandira and how dare you open your mouth? Shiv says enough.. Shakti is hurt and you all are blaming each other. He goes to get first aid. Mandira smirks at Shakti and says good girl. The flashback shows how Mandira had shown a video to Shakti in which Rimjhim is in the bathroom and Keertan leaves a live wire there, he keeps the switch to it in his hands. Shakti got scared and gave the bullet shell back to Mandira. The flashback ends. Shiv brings the first aid and tends to Shakti’s hand. Shakti cries in pain, Shiv says you have to get stitches. Shakti says I can’t get it. I am scared. Shiv says you have to relax and let me stitch your hand. Shakti cries but he doesn’t listen to her. Sakti is scared but Shiv gives her an injection and stitches her wound. Shakti is mesmerized by Shiv and doesn’t feel any pain. Shiv says we are all done. Shakti says I was looking at your hand instead of mine. He asks why? Shakti says your hands didn’t shiver today, Shiv is surprised to hear that. Gayatri says Shiv was scared to treat anyone because his hands shiver but today his hands didn’t shiver. Dadi hugs him and says my kid is fine now. She thanks Shakti and Ragunath says Shakti did what medicines couldn’t do for years. Mandira says this is a miracle. Shakti says I gave him confidence and took over his fear, he is a doctor and lost his confidence in an accident and he got it back because of another accident. She tells Shiv that he is the bet surgeon, his stitches are perfect. Mandira is angry hearing that.

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Mandira tells Padma that Shiv wasn’t scared to give stitches to Shakti, I instilled fear in him for years but he wasn’t scared today to tend to Shakti, Shiv is getting fine but if he becomes fine then we are gone.

Precap: Mandira says to Shakti now I’ll attack you from front, this Shiv Ratri Kashyap family will surely remember because this time abhishek will be done by your husband’s blood.