Shiv Shakti (Zee) 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Manorama gets to know the truth about Ranjan

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 25th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shiv tells Shakti to handle the situation inside the house and he will go to look for proof, just remember that if we are together then we don’t need to worry, he leaves. Shakti says I think Shiv is doing Lord Shiv’s work. I think you have sent Shiv to help me.

Mandira calls Ranjan and says Rimjhim ran away from the house so Shakti will have to marry you. Call your family for this. He smirks and ends the call. Mandira says Guruji said Shiv-Shakti will be united to end me but I have changed their fates, what I want will happen, they can never finish me, she laughs evilly.

Dharam calls Shakti in the house. Chacha begs with Ranjan’s family and says I am sorry for all this. Shakti asks Manorama to trust her but she looks away. Ranjan’s father tells Chacha that you people keep insulting us and then ask us to forgive you. Ranjan says we shouldn’t punish their family for Shakti’s antics. Ranjan’s brother in law says we came here for marriage so lets just do it. We will wait for our guests. Ranjan smirks at him. Ranjan’s brother in law goes to Jyoti and asks her to leave. She is scared and sadly looks at Shakti. She thinks I wish I could tell her the truth. Ranjan’s brother in law takes her out. Ranjan whispers to Shakti to bring Rimjhim so he can marry her. Manorama sees all that.

Shiv comes to Jyoti’s area and shows Ranjan’s photo to people, nobody knows him. He says I have to find proof against Ranjan soon.

Rimjhim comes to the market and looks for Keertan. She says he called me here only. She goes to a closed shop and asks if Keertan is inside? Someone locks her in the shop and Mandira smirks seeing that. Rimjhim bangs on the door but no one opens it. Mandira says she is trapped here so Shakti has to take her place now. Rimjhim would be punished for dreaming to become my daughter in law.

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Shakti is going to Rimjhim’s room and is scared. She says no.. if I go inside then I have to bring her out, I have to stall this wedding.

Ranjan’s brother in law brings Jyoti out of the house and tells her to keep her mouth shut and they will send her daughter back to her once Ranjan gets married. She says I won’t open my mouth till the marriage is done, she leaves. Manorama hides and hears all that. She is shocked and says it means Shakti was right all along. She recalls not trusting Shakti and blaming her for being shameless. She says I doubted my upbringing and listened to these cheap people.

Chacha asks Shakti to bring Rimjhim for wedding. Manorama comes to Shakti and says I am sorry. She recalls being cruel to her. She begs her to forgive her, I should have known that you can’t be wrong. I got to know the truth about Ranjan. I should have listened to you but I proved that I am not your real mother. Shakti consoles her and says don’t say that, you have a right to beat me and question me, you are my mother. Manorama says we are lucky to have you, Rimjhim is lucky that you fought so much to save her life, you got hurt too but you didn’t stop fighting. Shakti says its time to expose Ranjan and his family. Manorama says I won’t spare them now. They see Ranjan’s guests coming to the house. They are shocked to see many people entering the house for wedding. Manorama brings Shakti to the mandap and tries to talk to Chacha but Ranjan stops her and asks her to call Rimjhim. Manorama says I know the truth about you both now, I will expose you now. Ranjan’s brother in law says look around. He shows her the gun. Shakti says we won’t be threatened by this. Manorama stops her. Ranjan’s brother in law says all men here have guns, we called them here. Shakti and Manorama are shocked.

The episode ends.