Shiv Shakti (Zee) 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Shiv saves Shakti’s life & scolds his family

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 24th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shakti protects Kartik and all the cement falls over her,  Mandira smirks seeing that but Keertan is worried about Shakti. Mandira says Shakti will die and his craziness for her will die with her, she tells Keertan that Shakti has to die today if they want to protect themselves, they have to put themselves first, I am your mother so I want what’s good for you. Shakti is trying to free Kartik. Mandira says she doesn’t give up but she has to die today, Kartik will die with her. Shiv is looking around for Kartik and finds Shakti and Kartik stuck in the cement. He runs to them. Mandira is shocked seeing him and says how did he come here? I told Koyal to stop Shiv from finding them. Shakti is trying to pull Kartik, she throws him out of the cement. Shiv comes there and tries to save Shakti. Mandira says he can’t save her, she has to die today. Shiv tries to pull Shakti out but she gets stuck more in the cement. Mandira says she has to die at any cost today. Shiv checks the cement truck and closes off the cement valve. He runs to Shakti and tries to pull her out, she is completely covered in the cement. Mandira says she must be dead by now. Shiv pulls her out and asks her to wake up. Mandira says Lord please listen to me today. Shiv sees Shakti not breathing and tries to revive her. Mandira says if the Lord listens to me then I will make his big mandir. Shiv cries and tells Shakti to wake up and fight with him. Kartik says Shakti maasi went to Gauri Maa. Shiv screams no.. she has to wake up, he starts giving her CPR but she is not waking up. Shakti recalls Mandira’s words that she will destroy Shiv, she wakes up. Shiv sighs in relief and says you got me so worried. Shakti says you look cute when you are worried for me. Shiv says stop it, he hugs her tightly. Mandira is angry seeing her awake. Shiv jokes that Shakti looks nice covered in cement, he takes her from there. Mandira shouts that Shakti has to die today. Keertan says your plans keep failing, you are useless. Mandira says Shiv saved Shakti and now she will tell him everything about us.

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Shiv brings Shakti homes covered in cement. All rush to them, Dadi asks what happened to her? Padma says it must be her new drama. Shiv says enough.. Kartik got stuck in the cement so she went to save him, she got all the cement on herself but saved Kartik, she was not even breathing and I had to give her CPR. Padma says I didn’t know that. Shiv says I won’t hear a word against Shakti now, no one will misbehave with her from now on. Gayatri says I am sure Mandira is behind all this. Mandira comes there and tells Keertan that if he won’t hear a word against Shakti then he will listen to everything she says now and will believe her. Keertan says if Shakti exposes us then we are gone. Shakti tells Shiv that she is fine, Shiv says you need to rest, Shakti says but Kartik.. Shiv says he is fine, Gayatri will take care of him. Rimjhim comes there and screams Shakti.. she hugs her and asks if she is okay? Mandira says they still have love for each other. Shakti tells Rimjhim that she is fine. Rimjhim scolds her and says I was so scared for you, don’t do this again. Shiv says I have to take Shakti for a bath, he takes her from there. Shakti is weak so Shiv lifts her in his arms and takes her from there while all look on.

The episode ends.