Shiv Shakti (Zee) 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Jyoti goes against Shiv and Shakti

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 23rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shiv tells everyone that there is a witness who Ranjan tries to molest, he couldn’t hunt her and now she is going to be the reason for his destruction. He calls Jyoti and Ranjan is shocked seeing her there. The flashback shows how Jyoti woke up in the rickshaw and told Shiv-Shakti that she is okay, she wants to save Rimjhim’s life. Shakti checked her and says her pulse is okay now. Shakti told Shiv that Lord will help them and this is his miracle. The flashback ends. Shiv and Shakti bring Jyoti in the house. All look on. Jyoti glares at Ranjan and asks if he remembers anything? He says you here? Manorama asks who is she? She says I am here to expose Ranjan. She says I used to work at Shiv’s company with Ranjan and he tried to molest me. All are shocked hearing that. Jyoti says I am ashamed to say all this but I have to do it to protect others from this animal. Shiv saved me at that time from him. Ranjan says she is lying. Ranjan’s mother says my son is a good man, he would never do this. Jyoti says I am not lying, I promise on my child. Ranjan’s brother in law says why did Shiv not tell this before? is he crazy? Shiv gets angry and shouts to not call him crazy, I will kill you. Shakti asks him to calm down and says many people work for him so he must have forgotten Ranjan’s face. Shiv says when I saw him for the first time in mandir, I thought I had seen him before but I recalled everything when I was locked in the room. Shakti says we then went to his office and found Ranjan’s file and found Jyoti’s address from there. Jyoti tells Manorama to not destroy her daughter’s life, this man is an animal, he shouldn’t get any girl. Ranjan’s brother in law says they are doing all this to hide Shakti’s affair, she was with Shiv all night long and now putting blame on Ranjan. Shakti says I am not lying, you people are lying. Manorama stops her.

Ragunath and the family are calling people to ask about Shiv. Dadi says I should call Chacha as Shakti was with him. Mandira stops her and says its their daughter’s wedding so we shouldn’t make them worry. Ragunath says she is right, lets just hope Shiv and Shakti are okay. Dadi cries for them.

Mandira gets Ranjan’s brother in law’s call, he tells her that Shiv and Shakti brought Jyoti here, they are trying to expose Ranjan, we are in trouble. Mandira is angry and says I won’t spare Shakti. She asks him to work on plan B. The flashback shows how Mandira called Ranjan and told him to kidnap Jyoti’s daughter just in case that their plan A failed. Ranjan kidnapped Jyoti’s daughter. The flashback ends. Mandira tells Ranjan’s brother in law to not do any mistake this time, he nods and ends the call. Mandira comes to the family and says I got the news that Shiv and Shakti are okay, they are in Shakti’s house. Dadi asks if Shakti is okay? Mandira says they both are fine, they had a small accident but everything is okay now. I will go and bring Shiv from there. Ragunath says I will go with you. Mandira says I am sorry but this time is sensitive so I will go there and handle everything.

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Manorama tells Ranjan that you keep blaming Shakti and saying she is wrong.. we heard that and accepted it but what about Ranjan? what is this girl saying? she wouldn’t saying all this for nothing. Jyoti gets a call from her family and gets worried. She goes from there. Ranjan says Shakti has some issue with me, she keeps putting blames on me. I don’t know this girl and they must have brought in a paid actor.

Jyoti gets a goon’s call and he tells her that they have kidnapped her daughter. He sends her a video. Ranjan’s brother in law comes there and says if you want to save your daughter then don’t say a word against Ranjan.

Ranjan tells everyone that they are lying. Shiv says why would Jyoti blame you for no reason? Manorama says I doubted my daughter for you but I have to doubt you now as my daughter is bleeding. Jyoti comes back and is stressed. Ranjan’s brother in law says I will clear everything. He asks Ranjan why were you putting fake blame on Ranjan? Speak up otherwise I will call the police on you, if you don’t speak up then you and your family will pay. Jyoti is scared. Shiv pushes him away and says don’t scare her. Jyoti says I was lying, Ranjan didn’t do anything. All are shocked hearing that. Shiv and Shakti are confused. Ranjan smirks. Jyoti says whatever I said was a lie. Shakti says what are you saying? Ranjan says enough, who asked Jyoti to lie? Jyoti says Shiv and Shakti asked me to lie. Shiv says why are you lying? Shakti says its about my sister’s life, please don’t do this. Shiv asks if someone is scaring her? Ranjan says you scared her and must have given her money to lie. He asks Ranjan’s brother in law to check her purse. He checks it and finds a lot of money inside. All are shocked seeing that.

The episode ends.