Shiv Shakti (Zee) 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv & Shakti get into a bad accident

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 20th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shiv starts the bike and leaves with Shakti and Jyoti. Ranjan sees them and smirks, he says I tempered with their bike and now Shiv will die. The flashback shows how Ranjan saw Shiv and Shakti talking with Jyoti so he called Mandira and told her. Mandira says let them take Jyoti but don’t let them reach Shakti’s home. She asks for Jyoti’s address and gave him an idea so fail Shiv’s bike’s brakes. Ranjan did that. The flashback ends. Ranjan calls Mandira and says he did her work but you scolded me when I tried to kill Shiv but he will die now. Mandira says he dies in an accident then nobody would blame me, they would blame him for riding a bike and getting Shakti and Jyoti killed too. Shiv has bad memories associated with the bike so no one will doubt this accident. Ranjan says what about me? Mandira says just get ready for your wedding.

Shiv is driving with Shakti and Jyoti. Shakti asks him to drive faster, we have to stop this wedding.

Ranjan tells Mandira that he wanted to marry Shakti. Mandira says Shakti will die but you will still get Rimjhim. Ranjan says if Shakti can’t be mine then I won’t let her be of anyone else. Mandira says Shiv and Shakti can reunite after death but not here.

Scene 2
Manorama is worried that Shakti isn’t back. She prays that Shakti returns just in time. Ranjan’s family arrives there. Manorama welcomes them and says we have prepared everything. She asks about Ranjan. He arrives there with his brother in law. Ranjan says we have to do the wedding in urgency but its okay. Manorama says I will bring Rimjhim. Come inside.

Rimjhim is scared and says I don’t know where Shakti is. She calls Shakti but she can’t take it. Shiv tries to apply brakes but they are not working. Rimjhim recalls Keertan’s words that he will run away with her. She says I have to run away with Keertan now. She calls him but Mandira cuts the call. She tells Keertan that let her marry Ranjan, she deserves that. Keertan says nobody can fight against you. Mandira says I am a fire so no one can fight with me.

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Shiv is trying to apply brakes and can’t so he tells Shakti that someone tempered with their brakes.

Dadi asks Mandira where is Shiv and Shakti? you went to check on them? Mandira says they are okay, Shiv went to apologize to Chacha. Dadi smiles and says I knew you would make everything right. Padma thinks she is upto something again. Gayatri hugs Mandira and thanks her for checking up on Shiv, she says Shiv is lucky to have you as a second mother. Dadi says lets have breakfast now. Mandira smirks, Padma thinks she is plotting something again.

Shiv is trying to slow down the brakes but can’t. He is trying to control the bike but can’t. A truck is coming towards them and hits them hard. They all fall down and faint on spot with blood all around. The driver runs away from there. People gather around them and say its a bad accident.

Manorama comes to Rimjhim and sees her calling someone. She says I told you to not try anything. I told Shakti to not leave the house but she didn’t listen, where is Shakti? everyone will start asking about her now. What will I tell your father? She can die outside, Shakti is dead to me. Rimjhim says don’t say that.. Manorama brings Rimjhim to the mandap. Rimjhim recalls Shiv and Shakti promising her that they won’t let her marry Ranjan. She recalls her moments with Keertan and is sad. Chacha looks around for Shakti but can’t find her. Manorama tells Rimjhim that she should trust her more than Shakti. Ranjan is right for you. Shakti is dead to me now. Rimjhim cries hearing that. Otherside Shiv and Shakti are lying unconscious on the road, covered in blood.

The episode ends.