Shiv Shakti (Zee) 15th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Dadi tries to protect some secret from 25 years ago


Shiv Shakti (Zee) 15th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shiv looks at Gayatri’s photo and recalls his moments with her, he cries silently. Shakti comes there and consoles him. He says she couldn’t even see our happiness. She says I have an idea that might give peace to her soul.

Dadi is trying to sleep but recalls about the curse 25 years ago and Shiv being in danger. She wakes up and says the biggest danger for us has been sleeping for 25 years but its going to wake up now. How will I save my family from this? She opens her trunk and says my diary has everything. Even if I die, I just hope this diary reaches the right person and Shiv is protected. Shiv and Shakti come there so Dadi hides the diary. Shiv tells her that he wants to Maa’s visarjan before Koyal’s wedding. She says sure. Shiv says I will go to Shivpur to do it. Dadi says why there? Shiv says Gayatri’s family lives there and she wished for it. Dadi recalls the priest telling her not to let Shiv ever come back to Shivpur. She says you can’t go there, there is a ganga here so do it here only. Shiv says you never let me go there. Dadi says I am telling you that you won’t go there. Shakti says fine, we will do here only. She leaves with Shiv.

In the morning, Shiv is ready for visarjan. Ragunath recalls his cruelty with Gayatri and says I can never forgive myself for what I did with her, I just pray for her happiness in after-life. Shiv says its time to say goodbye to her. Kartik says I want to go as well. Ragunath says take him. Shakti and Shiv start leaving with Kartik but Keertan and Padma arrive there. Shiv tells them to get lost before I lose my control. Keertan says really? Shiv is about to punch him but Keertan folds his hands and says you can punish me if you want. I have made many mistakes. Padma says me too. Dadi asks what is going on? Keertan and Padma beg her, Keertan says we realized the value of a family after being on the streets. Please give me another chance, I was influenced by my mom but my eyes are open now. Please give me one chance. He begs Ragunath and Kamal. Padma says I was scared and that’s why I followed Mandira. Dadi says it will be Shiv’s decision only. Keertan sits in Shiv’s feet and begs him for a chance, he says I promise I will never try to hurt you again. Shakti nods at Shiv. He tells them that he can’t say no at this time. Its Gayatri’s visarjan today and she has taught me to keep the family together. I don’t want any negativity so you both can stay here but if you create any problems then I will throw you out of this world. Keertan says I promise you won’t have any complains with us. Dadi tells Shiv and Shakti to go to their ganga river only. Shiv leaves the house but Dadi feels worried.

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The episode ends.