Shiv Shakti (Colors) 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Asurs’ clan overjoyed with Taraka sur’s sons’ birth

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 3rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Swaroopa and the other Rishi’s wives are walking in the jungle. They see rainbow in the sky and tells that nature is overjoyed. Swaroopa tells them that the baby is of Adishakti avatar Parvati and Mahadev. The Rishis’ wives get happy and overwhelmed, and tells that they all will be the baby’s mothers too. Swaroopa tells Mahadev that the baby will have 8 others. Parvati and Mahadev smiles.

Deeti asks Shambuki to let her help her deliver. Shambuki says she wants to deliver her three sons on her own, and says if they need help to come in this world then how they will support their father. Tarakasur asks her to understand. She says she wants to see if Mahadev has given her boon or cheated with her. Shambuki asks Taraka sur to respect her words and leave from there. Taraka sur and Deeti go out from there.

All the Sapt Rishi’s wives sees the peacock flying in air happily and the peacock feather falls in on Swaroopa’s hands. Swaroopa gets happy. She steps on the thorn. Parvati tries to go and help her, but Mahadev stops her. Deeti, Taraka sur and others hear her shouting. Swaroopa writhes in pain as the thorn pierced her foot. Mahadev says it is Swaroopa’s journey and we shall not interfere. Parvati says it is my journey too, and tells that even she will be becoming the mother. She says she will take her to safe place. Shambuki shouts. Deeti gets worried and tells that Taraka sur agreed to Shambuki’s stubbornness. They feel the ground shaking and then everyone gets calm. Deeti gets worried. Taraka sur tells that his sons are born. Deeti says I trust Shambuki’s courage, but if the silence is of destruction then? Just then they hear babies crying sound. Shambuki brings the babies outside and presents them to Taraka sur and others. Guru Shukracharya tells that the Asurs protectors have arrived. Everyone congrats Taraka sur and Deeti. Taraka sur tells that they are not just his sons, but protectors and weapon to become immortal. Mahadev tells Parvati that if we interfere then Asurs might know about our son. He says we shall let them brought up our son. He says this pain is the fire and it will strengthen him.

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Lakshmi tells Narayan that Mahadev and Parvati’s son is not born yet, and Taraka sur’s sons are born whom he will use as protection and weapon. Narayan says until the evil reaches the peak, it will not be destroyed. He appreciates Mahadev and Parvati’s sacrifice. Mahadev tells that they are bound to do the betterment of the universe, and says he is Shivansh and he has to drink the halahal of separation from his parents.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that Kumar makes toys and utensils, but one day even he gets mixed in the mud. He says nobody can be saved from life and death game, and asks people to spend the time doing good deeds.

Episode ends.