Shiv Shakti (Colors) 29th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shukracharya asks Rahu and Ketu to stop Parvati

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 29th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Karambh falling down on the ground when Aadi shakti throws him down. He says you can kill me, but the grahs won’t be saved until it comes out of my magic, and nobody else can free them except me. Aadi Shakti says I am giving you last chance to free the planets and save your own life. He says I don’t want charity, but want to fight with you. Rahu tells Deeti that Karambh is fighting with Aadi Shakti. Karambh tries to throw weapon at Aadi shakti, but she kills him with her powers. Narad says Devi Maha Maya ki Jai…All the Gods and Goddess say jai. Parvati gets back to her human form. Narayan says Aadi Shakti Parvati, only you can free the 7 planets from Karambh’s magic, else this universe will be destroyed and the Shiv Shakti union will be cancelled. Parvati recalls making Karambh confess where he has hidden the 7 planets. She goes from there. Deeti tells Guru Shukracharya that Karambh is dead, but the 7 planets shall not be freed. Lakshmi asks have you gone mad and says how can you stop Devi Parvati. Narad tells Deeti that even Shukracharya’s Yukti will not work now. Shukracharya says Rahu and Ketu are the part of the planets and asks them to bind all the planets and stop them from freeing. He says due to your presence, all the planets will be shakti heen/powerless. He asks them to make Kaal Sarp Yog. Deeti smiles. Rahu says yes, Guru dev. Deeti asks them to go and show that how important they are. Rahu and Ketu vanish from there. Narayan tells Deeti and Shukra that they both are stubborn and wrong. Deeti says let everyone know that even Asurs are important.

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Parvati comes to the Shiv temple and sees the snakes and a golden snake. She tells the Snakes/Planets to get freed from Karambh magic. They stop. Parvati takes the golden snake/planet in her hand and starts walking, when Rahu and Ketu stops her way. Parvati realizes that she could go, but not the planets. Rahu and Ketu appear infront of her and tell that her intention will not be fulfilled. Rahu asks Ketu to bring all the grahs together. Ketu brings the grahs together and Rahu binds it for the destruction. Parvati says I will break this Maya jaal/Magical trap. She uses her powers on Rahu and Ketu, but nothing happens to them. Narayan tells that Shiv and Shakti will take out the solution together, as it is their duty and aim also.

Rahu asks what you are looking at, and asks her to attack them and take avatar, but she can do nothing. Parvati says Narayan’s sudarshan chakra has broken your intelligence too, and says there is no problem in this world whose solution her Shiv couldn’t find. She says today her Shiv will find the solution for Kaal Sarp yog. Rahu asks her to call her Shiv. Parvati prays to Shiv and asks him to show the way out to her. She starts beating the temple bell. Mahadev opens his eyes.

Shiv’s message: It is very difficult to keep everyone happy. Some people will praise you and some will hate you and will be jealous of you. She says it is difficult to love such people but easy to be quiet hearing the insult, and says the person who stays quiet after hearing his insult, nobody is stronger than this man in the world. He asks what you will choose?

Episode ends.