Shiv Shakti (Colors) 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Karamb Abducts 7 Graha/Planets

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 25th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts withh Karamb creating Shiv and Parvati’s duplicates and telling Dhiti that his magic is always unique and he can do anything he wants to. Shiv and Parvati turn into Rahu and Ketu who tell Dhiti that some force dragged them here. Dhiti says her son Karamb is capable to do anything he wants.

Shiv tells Parvati that he knows how to please her and asks her to close her eyes. She closes her eyes and watches Kashi Vishwanath temple being decorated and people discussing it’s for Shiv and Parvati’s wedding. Seven planets/graha walk into find muhurath for Shiv and Parvati’s wedding. Shiv tells Parvati that he was waiting for this moment.

Dhiti determines not to let Shiv and Parvati’s wedding happen at any cost. Shukracharya says with Rahu and Ketu here, wedding will not happen. Narayan emerges and tells Shukracharya that their plan will fail for sure and Shiv Parvati’s wedding will happen at any cost. He orders Rahu and Ketu to accompany him. They agree and follow him. Parvati opens her eyes. Shiv feeds her fruits and finishes them. He promises to get her fruits whole life and keep her happy. Parvati shyingly says even she is eager to know about her wedding muhurath from 7 graha.

Taraksur disguised as Parvati’s family invites 7 graha to find Shiv and Parvati’s wedding muhurath and tie them up. Grahas shocked to see themselves in patal lok and realize that Tarakasur and his team tricked them. Karamb abducts them and drags them along.

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Precap: Karamb kidnaps 7 grahas, turns them into snakes around Shivling, and says even Shiv can’t identify them now. Narayan informs Shiv that 7 grahas are being abducted by someone and requests him to find them out as nature is getting disturbed without them. Shiv detrmines to find them.