Shiv Shakti (Colors) 21st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Parvati asks Mahadev to marry Ganga

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 21st October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Parvati recalling Deeti’s words that her sister Ganga loves Shiv, and Ganga’s acceptance that she used to love Shiv. Taraka sur appreciates Deeti for confusing Parvati’s heart and says Asur Mata ki jai. Deeti smiles. Guru Shukracharya tells that he shall take chance of this moment. Ganga searches for Parvati and thinks where did she go? She thinks if my words made her worried. Narayan says Parvati’s decision will decide the future. Mahadev is sitting near Sati’s Shakti peeth and makes garland for Parvati. Shiv asks Parvati to see, how it is? He says I thought to make you wear it, when I meet you. Parvati says you are the ultimate God and knows everything, so why you are pretending as if you don’t anything. Shiv says it was always a simple decision for me, I have loved you till eternity, in many eras and will always love you. He is about to make her wear garland, but she stops him and back off. She says this decision is not easy for me, knowing that my Ganga didi loves you. Shiv says so you have come to me for Ganga, and tells that he has no place for anyone else in his life. He tells that nothing can be changed, and tells that love can be chosen, and not forced. Parvati says I am your choice, but my choice can’t be the person whom my Didi loves. Ganga searches for parvati. Himavan and Mainavati ask the sevaks to decorate the Palace for Parvati’s marriage. Ganga comes there and asks where is Parvati? Mainavati says she must be here. She asks Mantri to send the invitation to everyone. Ganga comes to Shivling and tells Shiv that if Parvati doesn’t agree to marry you, then I will not come to this house again, and will go away from here for forever.

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Shiv asks Parvati, what do you want? Parvati asks him to fulfill her wish and marry Ganga. Everyone gets shocked.

Narad says why you have put Mahadev in dilemma. Mahadev is surprised and says you are saying this, though you realize and knows that you are Aadi Shakti, you are me and I am you. Parvati says Shiv and Shakti will be together till eternity even if they are together or not, and says I want to have a married life with you, but not at the price of Ganga’s sacrifice. She says she has sacrificed for her and now it is her turn. Deeti and Guru Shukracharya comes there. Parvati asks why you have come here? Deeti tells that they have come to see what mahadev will do with Ganga’s selfless love and Parvati’s wish. Ganga is coming there, calling Parvati. Parvati hears her and tells Shiv that she is asking him inexchange of her Tap, Tyaag and Tapasya. Deeti says Aadishakti has fulfilled her duty, now it is Shiv’s turn. She says lets see if Mahadev can sacrifice like Aadi shakti. Shukracharya tells Mahadev that if his decision is right then Parvati will accept it, else she is not bound to accept it. Mahadev tells that love and relation is connected with hearts, and tells Parvati, if she don’t think that she is arguing on the wrong issue. Parvati says my argument is right, today a sister is standing infront of you and not Aadi Shakti, and says I am begging for you. Parvati says she is not immature and asks him to marry Ganga.

Episode ends.