Shiv Shakti (Colors) 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Parvati fights with Asur

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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 14th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Mahadev asking Parvati if she will refuse his love, even if he makes her wear the earrings with his hands. Parvati nods no. She removes her earrings. Mahadev makes her wear earrings. He says he has no liking for worldly things, but he will not make her do the same. He says love is to accept the other person as he/she is. He says you are looking very beautiful in these ornaments. He says you have accepted me when I had ashes applied on my body, I accept you with these ornaments. Parvati gets teary eyes and tells that she can’t stay away from him. Mahadev says he came to end their distance, and says she has done tap, tyaag and tandav, and now it is his turn to do the same. He says he will stay with her indisguise and will convince her mother and will marry her after her mother’s consent. Parvati says how my mother will agree, as she is stubborn. Mahadev says very soon, but we have to relieve her fear that Taraka sur or any Asur sent by him can harm you. Asur comes there to kill Mainavati, and says her murder shall look like suicide. Sevika is taking food for Mainavati, when Asur comes infront of her, and blows green poisonous gas on her. She falls down unconscious. The Asur blows poisonous gas on the food plate and absorbs the sevika’s soul and takes her avatar. He says Mainavati…your food is ready.

Mainavati thinks of Parvati’s words. Asur comes there indisguise of Sevika and asks her to have food. Mainavati asks her to keep the plate and then she sits to have it, when Mahadev indisguise of an old lady comes there and holds Mainavati’s hand. Mainavati asks how dare you? Mahadev as Uma tells Mainavati that before eating food, she shall ask Dasi to taste food first. Asur Sevika says it is Maharani’s food, I can’t have it. Uma asks her to taste it. Mainavati tells the old lady Uma that the Dasi is taking care of her since years, and asks her to leave her. The Sevika asks Uma to leave her hand. She takes his real avatar shocking Mainavati. Parvati hears Mahadev calling him. Narayan tells that Mahadev wants to proof to Mainavati that he is suitable for Parvati.

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Parvati comes there. Asur gets shocked seeing her. Mainavati asks Parvati to move from the way and says this Asur can harm you. She shouts asking Parvati to move. Asur attacks Parvati with a weapon, but Parvati holds his weapon. Mainavati shouts worriedly. Parvati snatches the weapon/sword from his hand and throws it on the ground. He then blows poisonous gas at Parvati. Mainavati asks God to protect her daughter. The poisonous gas couldn’t harm Parvati. Asur says nobody could be saved from my poisonous blow. Mainavati calls Sainiks to come and protect her daughter. Asur attacks Parvati with the fire ball, but Parvati holds the fire ball and throws at Asur. Mainavati says it is impossible. Asur tells that this is impossible. Mahadev as Uma smiles. Himavan, Ganga and Sainiks come there. Mainavati asks Himavan to save Parvati and says Asur will kill her. Asur throws lightning ball on Parvati, but Parvati catches it and throws it on him. Asur falls down. Sainik tells that the sevika is unconscious outside. Parvati keeps her leg on Asur and asks who has sent him. Asur says Taraka sur.

Himavan asks Soldiers to lock Asur in jail. Mainavati and Himavan ask where did she learn to fight with the Asur. Mahadev as Uma tells that it is last birth training. Ganga asks if she is Devi’s avatar.

Mahadev’s words: Shiv tells that we all have many expectations from life and thinks that we will get the fruit of our hardwork soon, but when we don’t get as we expected then we get sad and hesitates to hardwork, and this will be our biggest mistake. He says we will get the desired results with our hardwork.

Episode ends.