Shaitani Rasmein 7th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Prateik doubts Nikki

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The killer baby:

The Episode starts with Nikki talking to the baby and says you are very lucky, your parents arranged everything before you came. She says your smile is so cute, I think you haven’t gone on your Papa. Piyush comes there and tells Nikki that she will be a good mother. She says you will be a good Papa. He asks when we will have a baby? Nikki says she wants atleast 6 children, being an orphan she always wanted lots of children. She says once all our problems end, you will become papa of 6 kids and I will become Mamma. Piyush asks when this will happen and is about to kiss on her cheeks, when baby starts crying. Piyush says baby gets jealous when I love you and talk about his cousins. He says don’t be jealous, Chachi will love you the most even then. The baby pees on her clothes. She asks Piyush to sit with baby and goes to change her clothes. She goes. Piyush talks to the baby, when the chandelier is about to fall on him. She comes back and shouts, calling Piyush. She pulls the cradle and Piyush to safety and the chandelier falls on the ground. They get shocked. Nikki takes the baby and hugs him.
Malik tells the punishment is completed, but now you will feel the pain for cheating a devil. He says you have seen Malik’s love and now will see his hatred, anger and revenge.

Later at the dining table, Aarohi looks at Nikki and baby. Sumitra gives milk bottle to feed the baby. Aarohi says she will feed the baby and takes him in her hands. The baby starts crying. Aarohi tells Sumitra that the baby is not keeping quiet. The candle at the dining table blasts the dining area as if it is a bomb. Everyone gets up at the right time. Piyush throws water to set off the fire. Vikram asks Sumitra to make the baby quiet. Prateik comes to Aarohi and tries to pacify the baby, but he continues to cry. Nikki takes the baby and he gets quiet. Vikram says it is strange that baby cries when someone takes him away from Nikki. Sumitra says I raised two children, but they have never done this. Nikki says I will change his clothes. She changes his clothes and keeps him in the cradle. The baby cries just as Nikki tries to go from there. Nikki sits on the floor and sleeps. Aarohi comes and takes the baby in her ams. She hugs him, calling him as her son. Nikki wakes up and sees baby in Aarohi’s arms. Aarohi looks at the baby and gets shocked and scared. She faints and falls down. Nikki takes the baby in her hands. Prateik, Vikram and Sumitra come there. Prateik asks Nikki, who has done this? Nikki asks why you blame me always. Prateik asks if not you, then if baby has harm Aarohi. Vikram says who will take care of Aarohi and baby, as Suguna is unwell after kichkandi attacked her. Sumitra says she will call Mantrani to take care of her. She asks Nikki to take care of baby and goes.

Mantrani comes there and says she has not woke up till now, she shall wake up, else there will be a danger to her life. She says she needs a doctor. Prateik tells Sumitra that Nikki has brought something surely with her from pret lok. Sumitra gets tensed. Mantrani tells Nikki that she will make baby sleep. She massages the baby and keeps baby on the bed. The baby shows his red eyes and Mantrani gets injury on her foot. Mantrani says who has bitten me. Baby starts crying. Nikki wakes up and asks Mantrani what happened? Mantrani says she doesn’t know.

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Later the Servant comes to Mantrani and asks what happened. Mantrani says nothing can be fine in Bhurangarh. The Servant tells that there is another place like Bhurangarh, Chamkiya and says Raja and Rani don’t rule there, but a dangerous Daayan rules, who has enmity with men, and if any men is seen outside the houses after 10:29 then she take that man with her. She says Inspector Abhimanyu has come to fight with Daayan. Mantrani says God shall make everything fine.

Sumitra asks Prateik if Aarohi woke up. Prateik says no. He tells that Nikki brought baby from pret lok, but he is not coming in our laps and Aarohi came back from death, but is sleeping so deep as if she is dead. He says he feels that Nikki has kichkandi in her body. Vikram tells that Aarohi came back from death and her soul might have bear so much. Prateik tells that there is some negativity in Nikki. Mantrani says she can find out. They come to Nikki’s room. She keeps lemon in the water and says if it turns red then it means that she has negative power in her. Piyush hears them. Later Nikki is talking to baby, when Mantrani comes there and takes the lemon glass. She finds the lemon to be yellow. Piyush comes there and confronts Mantrani. Prateik, Vikram and Sumitra come there. Piyush and Prateik have a heated argument. Piyush warns him not to do anything against Nikki. Servant comes and says he has come. Vikram says he has sent chartered plane to get the Doctor, as there is no Doctor here. Doctor comes there and checks Aarohi. He says it seems she is going through trauma, we have to wait for her to get up to diagnose her problem. He says I will check the baby now. He checks the baby and gets shocked.

Vikram and Prateik ask if he is fine. Doctor says he is fine, healthy baby. He goes out. Nikki finds him tensed and goes out. She sees the nurse trying to revive the doctor, and tells that he is dead. She tells Nikki that he told something and died. Nikki asks what he said. Nurse says he said that baby has no heart beat or pulse. Nikki says this happens when someone is dead, but our baby is alive. Nurse asks driver to drive fast and she goes. Nikki comes back and takes the baby. She feels his heart beat and thinks why did Doctor say that he has no heart beat. Piyush asks Nikki to sleep and says he will take care of the baby. The baby’s eyes turn red, as they hug. Later Nikki tries to make baby sleep. Piyush comes there. He says you do so much for the house. He is about to kiss her. Nikki gets distracted and looks at the baby. Piyush says baby has slept for the first time by himself, and tells that he will go to his room and sleep. Nikki also sleeps. The cradle moves on his own and goes out of the room.

precap: Nikki finds out that the baby is of Shaitaan and not of human.