Shaitani Rasmein 4th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Piyush is on the way to meet someone for the solution. He sees Nikki in the car and then he finds her standing on the road. He rings the horn and turns the car to other side to save Nikki. He hits the car with the tree and he gets injured. Some locals see the accident and come there. Sumitra is walking and feels hard to walk. Kichkandi Nikki makes her fall down and smiles. Sumitra gets up and runs from there.

Aarohi and Prateik try to hide. Prateik says we have to leave from here immediately. Bhavani Singh shouts save me. Kichkandi possesses Bhavani Singh and he laughs seeing them. In the room, Kickkandi Nikki attacks Vikram and hurts him. He gets scared to see her walking backwards and shouts calling Sumitra and Bhavani. He hears Sumitra asking him to fight back and be brave. Prateik is pushed down by someone and hears Aarohi saying kill him, but leave me. Vikram comes there and scolds Sumitra, saying you asked me to be brave infront of Kichkandi and closed the door. Sumitra says she didn’t do it. Vikram asks Prateik if he saw Aarohi pushing him. He says no. Aarohi says she didn’t do anything or said anything. Vikram says she is playing with us. Prateik says we shall leave from here and asks if they are coming.

Aarohi says who is taking out our voices, when Nikki is locked in the room. They come to check on Nikki and finds her on the roof top. Nikki/Kichkandi scares them.

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The villager tells Piyush that he is lucky to get saved. Piyush says he has to go. The villager says this is Pindari baba’s area and that’s why you got saved from ghost attack. He says we have called Pindari baba. Pindari baba comes there. Piyush says he was searching him and he came infront of him. Pindari Baba tells him that he and his family will be attacked with black power and asks who is she? Piyush says Kichkandi.

Nikki attacks Sumitra again. Vikram threatens to shoot Nikki. Sumitra says don’t shoot her, she is our Nikki, our daughter. Vikram says she is Kichkandi. Aarohi says don’t shoot. Prateik asjks Vikram to shoot Nikki. Vikram shoots at her , but she moves to safety. She attacks Vikram with her evil powers and makes him fall down. She then comes to Aarohi.

Pindari Baba tells that there is nobody who doesn’t know Kichkandi’s name, but there is nobody who knows about it. He says Kichkandi gives punishment to the people on Shaitaan’s sayings. He says she punishes elders and kidnaps the children, and then the child is never seen again. He asks if there is any child in your house. Piyush says my Bhabhi is pregnant with her first child.

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