Shaitani Rasmein 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Nikki returns demon baby to Kichkandi

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The Episode starts with Aarohi telling Prateik that the baby is not theirs and is a demon. Prateik asks Vikram to see what Nikki has done to Aarohi. Sumitra is coming near Aarohi and Prateik, when the curtain entangles around her neck suffocating her. Vikram tries to free her.Aarohi says this baby is a devil. Prateik says Nikki is a devil. Just then they hear something blasting and tries to save themselves. Vikram takes the knife to cut the curtain, but he ends up hurting himself. Prateik finds the baby on the ground. Aarohi attacks Prateik and tries to break his eyes. Piyush picks the floor from the floor and tells them that the baby turned cold, and his heart beat has stopped. He sees the baby with his red eyes and gets shocked. Suddenly he feels pain in his hand and baby goes from his hand. His hands turn red. Vikram says save your mother, Piyush. Nikki breaks the lock and comes out.

Nikki comes there and finds everyone in trouble and pain. She sings lullaby to pacify the baby. The baby calm down and everyone gets fine. Nikki writes N Wa DA on the board, and makes the word Danav with it. Everyone is shocked to read that. They see Malik’s reflection in the mirror and gets even more shocked.

Malik tells Ghulam that the humans thought that they will get forgiveness after Kichkandi went. Ghulam says Aarohi, baby, Danav. Malik tells that Aarohi was never having her own child, she couldn’t fulfill my shaitaani rasmein, I punished her by keeping demon in her womb. He says now the demon will make Bhurangarh as the crematorium ground. He appreciates Nikki’s courage, but is surprised at her foolishness to attempt to murder her. He says now she will suffer.

Nikki is still singing lullaby to keep the baby calm. Everyone comes there and stand silently. Piyush writes on the paper, how to fight with this devil? Nikki sings that Munna is dear to her, he will not go from her, and whoever tries to get the baby from her, he will repent. She goes out of the Palace, singing lullaby. She tells baby that she is with him always. All the family members come out and looks at them. Vikram asks Mantrani to do something. Piyush calls Pindari baba. Nikki closes her eyes and seeks Baaldevi’s help. Nikki sees the arrow about to hit her. Piyush drops the phone and it blasts. Vikram says it is Malik’s punishment. Nikki apologizes to baby. The fire is caught around Nikki. Nikki shouts calling Piyush. Everyone gets shocked.

Piyush tries to go to help her. Nikki sees the message written to air (By Baaldevi), to call Kichkandi, as she is the real mother of the baby demon. Nikki calls Kichkandi and asks her to come, says she needs her help. Kichkandi comes there and says Nikki. She says Nikki, this is my baby. Sumitra says this is Kichkandi’s baby. Vikram says Prateik was right, he is Danav, this is done by Malik. Baby cries. Nikki tells the baby that she loves him a lot and knows that he also loves her, but she can’t give him love which his real mother can give, and asks him to return to his real mother and forgive and free us. Kichkandi says my baby…..She says after getting mukti from pret lok, my soul was wandering for my child and I was searching him. She says I thought Malik took revenge for the injustice happened with me, and made me dand nayaka, but you broke my illusion and showed me the mirror, I became shaitaan’s puppet. She says this is my baby.

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Nikki tells baby that she is his real mother and asks him to return to her. She says I have no complains with you, whatever happened, it is not your mistake. She gives the baby in kichkandi’s hands. Everyone cries seeing everything. The fire flame hurts Vikram. Kichkandi tells Nikki that she has saved her soul from Malik’s slavery and has done a big favor on her by uniting her with her baby, so she wants to give her something. Malik tells that he is immortal and can’t be killed.

Kichkandi tells Nikki that Malik was not immortal before, even he used to be afraid of death and could be killed like others. Nikki asks how did he become immortal. Kichkandi says it is a secret which you have to unveiled, and tells that his past will make you find about it, and there is someone who can help her, and she knows him/her. Nikki thinks I have to go to Malik’s past to find about his death secret. Piyush is coming to Nikki. Vikram asks Maayi to go inside and check. Nikki thinks this is impossible. Piyush asks what happened? Nikki says we can’t fight with Malik, he will kill all of us, he will keep sending the demons. Vikram tells that he don’t understand why Bhurangarh’s destiny is this. Sumitra says even Chamkiya’s fate is same. Piyush says Inspector Abhimanyu Singh has reached to fight with the Daayan.

Precap: Nikki tells Piyush and others that Kichkandi told me that I have to go to Malik’s past, to find the secret to kill him. She says Malik will kill us. Malik says your courage break so soon, get ready to bear my next attack.