Shaitani Rasmein 10th February 2024 Written Episode Update

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Shaitani Rasmein 10th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Nikki asking who is there. Kapalika hides. Nikki hears a voice asking her to identify her divine powers and awaken it. She closes her eyes. Malik looks at Rachna. Rachna wisely kicks the Chadawa to distract him, and then she comes out of the small window or passage. Bhavani Singh comes there with his men and finds the glass pieces outside. He finds the door open and gets inside. He then looks at something and gets shocked. Sumitra asks what did you see there? Bhavani Singh tells whatever he saw. Sumitra says this means our Rachna is attacked by someone and asks what has happened with her. Malik comes near Rachna, as she runs in the jungle. Rachna apologizes to him. Malik vanishes. Sumitra tells that only Rachna was the only girl to be born in special nakshatra who can take bhog to Malik, and says if anything happens to her, then who will take food for him, we will be ruined. She asks him to bring Rachna back. Rachna washes her face and sees Malik behind her. She shouts and turns, but doesn’t see her. Nikki hears her scream. Rachna again looks in the water and sees Malik’s face. She runs and falls from the cliff. Nikki hears her voice and runs from there. Kapalika takes a sigh of relief. Rachna holds on to the edge. She is about to fall when a girl comes and holds her hand. Rachna sees the dept of the valley and gets afraid. She comes up holding the girl’s hand. She asks who are you? The girl says she is Saudamini, she is researching on black magic and asks if she knows where Malik stays? Rachna recalls horrific and near death experience and faints. Nikki comes to the pond and thinks she shall return, as it will be morning soon.

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Kapalika thinks who is Nikki? She thinks before Malik goes away from me and gets closer to Nikki, I have to do something. Piyush comes infront of Nikki and asks what you are doingb here? Nikki tells that she came here by walking. Piyush says you went to get lep for me and says if anyone comes to know then will not leave us.

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