Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav invites Dadi, Viraj meets Rashmi

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 4th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Viraj asking the doll if she called him Abba. He says he will apply her nail polish today, and asks which color you like? He says blo*dy red. He asks if she will hug me when she sees me for the first time and asks the doll to say what she feels. The guy thinks seeing him is like seeing horror, thriller etc, and says crazy man. He turns and sees Viraj standing. Viraj asks why did you call me crazy, did I do this and acts. He scares the guy who is helping him. He says crazy is the one who does what his heart wants. He asks him to give his hand and says he will put out his nail today. Another guy comes there and tells that the number is registered on Rajendra’s name, who is Agra’s big businessman Raghav Jindal’s father in law. Viraj hears Raghav’s name and says I hate that name.

Raghav is informed by guard that Siya’s parents have come. Siya gets scared. Raghav tells Siya that he will attend them and says they are his family too. Viraj says why Raghav’s name men come in my life and says last time I didn’t leave that Raghav. He says I don’t trust the people named Raghav. He says this Raghav shall not come in my way, else your Abba will not leave him too.

Raghav comes outside and meets Rajendra and his wife. They apologize to them for Dadi’s behavior. Raghav asks them to take out his slipper and hit on his head. They get shocked. Raghav says I didn’t know if Dadi has come here, and says Siya didn’t tell me anything. He says Dadi can come here at anytime. Siya hears them. Raghav says I am upset with Siya that she didn’t stop Dadi. Siya’s mother tells that don’t be upset with Siya. Raghav says I can’t be upset with Siya even if she kills me. He then invites Dadi to his house on Friday. Siya’s mother says no, she is good there. Raghav says he wants to Dadi to spend time with Siya. Siya’s mother asks where is Siya? Raghav says she went to market.

Rajendra and his wife come home and tell Dadi that Raghav has invited her home. Dadi is surprised and thinks to understand Raghav, their marriage and expose him infront of everyone. Raghav keeps cameras at home. Siya asks why is he keeping the cameras. Raghav tells her that the family is the enemy in relations. He makes her sit and says you are so innocent, if I was not there, then how you would have deal with this world. He says I love your Dadi, but the old people are crazy and old. He says didn’t you see, how she came at midnight, and says this is precaution, as it is said a stitch in time save nine, and it is also said precaution is better than cure. He says who knows better, about my way of cure. He says it is our love test, our enemy Dadi is coming and we have to prove that no enemy can win from us. He thinks I can’t tell you that the cameras are already set in the house, and thinks he is setting up these camera so that Dadi and Siya are in control.

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Viraj and the guy come to Rajendra’s house. Rashmi opens the door and asks who are they? Viraj asks the guy to call Rajendra. Rashmi asks who are they? Viraj asks who is Rajendra ? Rashmi says he is my Papa. Viraj says why to believe you and calls him uncle ji, Sharma ji. Rashmi asks who are you? Viraj says well wisher and says I came to give news, for that I am very excited, but I can give this news to only him. He asks Rashmi to call him. The guy Nihal asks Viraj if he would like to take tea or coffee? Viraj asks him to make tea. Rashmi calls Rajendra, but he doesn’t pick the call. Viraj calls on that number and it is Rashmi’s number. He asks her. Rashmi says it is registered on Papa’s name. Viraj tells that there is lottery of one 5 Lakhs Rs. Rashmi asks if he is joking. Viraj says he doesn’t joke. He asks Nihal to give her company’s name and address. She asks if she needs to tell the family. He says no need and smiles.,

Precap: Raghav gets angry seeing Dadi doing aarti, and is about to hit utensil on her head. Siya is shocked and keeps hands on her eyes.