Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Siya takes a decision for her baby

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 31st October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Khushi crying after her parents had refused to take her in the house. Viraj asks Khushi to sit in his car. Khushi sits in his car. Raghav tells Siyas family that he will take Siya to a good gynaec and will decorate the house. He says his baby will be social media sensation. Siya imagines Raghav possessiveness even for the baby and saying that his son will be with him just, and then imagines scolding the boy and saying that he will be perfect. Siya says no. Raghav says I will make our baby perfect, like I made you perfect. Siya thinks she stayed silent, but she will not be quiet for her baby. Dadi suspects Raghav and his kheer. Siya’s mother tells that Raghav made kheer for us and you are doubting him. Dadi asks why did we sleep? Rashmi says it happened due to sugar rush. Siya’s mother says kheer was so much tasty that we slept. Khushi tells Viraj that she has to go to bathroom. Viraj asks her to wait for 10 mins. She asks him to stop the car. Viraj stops the car. She gets down and shouts help. Siya thinks Raghav’s love is strong, but his madness is more stronger. She thinks to call Police, and then thinks she shall call Papa. She then thinks that she shall not talk to him. She hears Raghav talking to his employee Sharma ji and asking him to give double bonus to all employees, as there is something special which he will tell later. Siya takes the knife and is coming near him. Raghav sees Siya holding the knife and coming towards him.

People gather on the road hearing Khushi. Khushi tells the people that they were kidnapping her and was misbehaving with her. Viraj says she is my daughter and lying. Khushi smiles. The people scolds Viraj. Siya drops the knife on the floor. Raghav asks if she wanted to kill him. Siya says she wanted to, but couldn’t do as there is a difference between them. She says she has bear so much and tells that she don’t want anyone to go through it. She says she is so much threatened by him. She says she will decide about the baby. He says the baby is ours. She says the baby is just hers. Viraj argues with the Police officer and tells that Khushi is his daughter. Khushi says he has tried to tie cloth on my mouth. Nihal tries to make Inspector believe him, but in vain. Khushi finds opportunity and run from there.

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Raghav tells Siya that if she wants to give him pain, then hurt him. Siya says she can’t become like him. She says if a woman gets on the revenge mode then the whole world will be changed. She decides to leave from the house. Raghav bends down on her feet and tells that he loved her truly, he gets impulsive due to his bad childhood. He is afraid to lose her and tells that he couldn’t control on his anger. Siya asks God to help her decide. Just then door bell rings. Raghav gets Viraj’s call. Siya goes to check the door. Viraj tells Raghav that his daughter is missing. Raghav says you couldn’t keep your daughter. Viraj shouts Raghav. Raghav says I will change my address. Viraj asks him to find her and tells him that if he has kidnapped her then he will ruin his life. Siya finds Khushi on the door. Khushi calls her Maasi and says she don’t want to go to Evil dad. Raghav says she might not like your face and ends the call. He thinks he will teach Viraj to say him please next time. Siya asks Khushi not to be afraid. Raghav asks Siya, who has come.

Precap: Viraj threatens Khushi’s foster parents and asks them Khushi is close to whom? Khushi’s father says she was close to Raghav Jindal’s wife. Viraj says Siya. He comes to Raghav’s house. Siya tells him that he doesn’t know about her husband. Viraj says you don’t know whose father I am, whose Maasi you are. Khushi is hiding behind the sofa.