Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 26th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav gives Khushi’s address to Viraj

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 26th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Viraj taking Siya in his car. He says I told you Raghav, that enmity with me will prove costly to you. Raghav thinks of Siya and desperately searching her. He gets down on the road and goes to a girl thinking her to be Siya, but she is someone else. He gets devastated and cries. He realizes that Viraj has kidnapped her. Viraj takes Siya somewhere and tells the doll that Raghav will never find out where Siya is. Raghav comes talking to Viraj and says you have just 2 mins. He comes inside the house and sees Siya on the sofa. He checks her breath. Viraj is there itself and says today Raghav is looking afraid. Raghav gets angry. Viraj says if we attack each other then I will not get my daughter and you will not get your wife. He says I am not interested in your wife, as I am one woman’s man…Jhanvi’s man. He says I have written Patni Chalisa, as I love her. She says his wife is not alive, but he wants to be with his daughter, and she is his life. He says I want to be a best father for Khushi, and she means a world to me. He says give me my Khushi and I will go away from your wife and you. He says a person changes after marriage, and changes completely after daughter is born, and says please find her for me. Raghav asks why you didn’t tell me before, I got emotional, if you had told me that I would have made you meet her before. He asks why did you do this? Viraj says so that to make you feel how important my Khushi is to me….Raghav says ok, I will make you meet your Khushi. He shows her Khushi’s videos. Viraj gets emotional. Raghav says I have sent her address to you.

Dadi and Rashmi try to open Tushar’s room door. Rashmi goes to call someone. Raghav tells Siya that you have scared me so much in few hours, that I didn’t scare you ever. He promises that he will try not to get angry on her. Rashmi manages to open the door. Raghav asks Siya to break the plates and vent out anger from her. Siya tries to stop him. He asks her to drink soup. Just then door is knocked. He shouts Nurse.

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Dadi and Rashmi find Tushar unconscious in his room with sleeping pills in his hand. They get shocked. Raghav sees Siya’s parents standing outside and runs to stop his mother. His mother open the door. Siya’s parents look at her. Raghav gets tensed. Siya thinks why I am bearing this, I have to stop all this, and has to live in my house fearless, but how? She says someone will be there, who takes me out from here, and give me courage, but who? She asks God to show her the way. Siya’s parents get message about Tushar and run from there, leaving Raghav clueless. Siya looks at Khushi’s photo and thinks why her pic is in Raghav’s phone. She says if he is hiding something.

Viraj reaches Khushi’s house and asks why the frame is not hang properly. He breaks the frame and tears the photo. He takes Khushi’s photo and thanks Khushi’s foster parents for taking care of his daughter for 12 years. The guy says that Khushi is our. Viraj asks if she is your daughter. The lady nods no. Viraj says I am her real/legal father and says he will wait for Khushi. He looks at the paintings and says wonderful.

Siya and Raghav come to Rajendra’s house. Dadi taunts Raghav and asks Siya to stay with Tushar for 2 days. Siya looks at Raghav.

Precap: Siya tells Dadi and Rajendra that she will talk to Tushar and he will not do this again. Rajendra tells her that they feel that the nurse is Raghav’s mother. Siya panics. Raghav takes the vase in his hand in anger. Viraj meets Khushi. Khushi says you are a bad man and asks him to stop.