Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav confesses to his crimes

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 21st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raghav seeing pregnant Siya infront of him. He tries to walk to her, but couldn’t see her due to the smoke. Siya goes out from there. ACP Riya comes to Raghav’s house and rings the bell. Raghav’s mother takes Siya’s family to the basement secret room, where Raghav had kept her captive. She comes back and opens the door. ACP Riya asks Raghav’s mom where is Siya’s family. Raghav’s mother doesn’t tell her. Dadi tells Sushma that Raghav’s mom will not tell anything to ACP. Rashmi says she can say. ACP tortures Raghav’s mother and twists her finger, but then also she doesn’t say anything. ACP says she knows another ways to find them. The constable burn the paper and keep it near the fire alarm machine. The fire alarm rings. Rashmi says this is fire alarm, I will run out. Dadi and Sushma stop her. Tushar asks her to sit. Rashmi says I haven’t come here to die. She pushes Tushar and runs out. She comes to the hall and finds Raghav’s mom tied to the chair. ACP twists her hands and says she is foolish to come out. She gets a call from a man, who asks her to kill Viraj and save Siya and Raghav. ACP says money is all that what matters, and says Raghav, Siya and Viraj, all will be gone.

Siya asks Raghav to confess all the crimes for her and the baby, and give them mukti. She asks him to say whatever he has done with her. She says Raghav….please. Raghav says ok. Viraj looks on smiling. Raghav accepts that he kidnapped her sister, and then brought her back to become hero. He says I have tortured you in the name of perfect wife. He says I confess that I gave you pain and asks her to come back, and says I love you. Siya comes to Viraj and says finally everything will be fine.

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Dadi and Raghav’s Mom worry for Siya and Viraj. Siya’s photo frame falls down and breaks. Dadi says something bad is going to happen. Rashmi brings ACP to Viraj’s house. ACP says your game is over. Constable says there is a secret room there. Viraj says nobody shall go there. ACP says there will be some secret there. Viraj smiles. ACP, Rashmi and the constable go there. Viraj recalls hiding Raghav in the trunk and then printing Missing posters of Raghav. He tells Siya that their game and its rules will start. Viraj asks where is Raghav? Rashmi says Raghav was here. Viraj tells that todays kids innocent and mannerless, and asks her to call him Raghav Jiju. He says Siya is in Raghav’s house, and says he will search Raghav.

Siya holds the press conference in Raghav’s house and plays Raghav’s confession’s video. She tells them that Raghav has treated his mother more worse than animal. She tells that Raghav accused her that the baby is not his, she decided to leave him. Then Raghav killed his father, she was in trauma and had a miscarriage. She says a woman can’t bear her child loss, and says Raghav kidnapped her with Tyagi, and says she escaped from there. The reporter asks where is Raghav? Siya asks her to ask ACP who has just come there. ACP looks at Siya angrily. Viraj sees the news and tells Khushi that Siya got justice finally. Khushi asks where is Raghav uncle? Viraj says Police has caught him. Khushi says we shall keep Siya with them.

Precap: Sushma tells Raghav’s Mom that ACP threatened Siya openly. Raghav calls Siya as he is tied in his own house. Khushi asks where is Siya? Tushar says basement. Khushi goes to the basement and Raghav kidnaps Khushi.