Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Viraj and Raghav initiate their enmity

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Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 16th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Viraj and Raghav meet somewhere. Viraj says you don’t impress me much. Raghav laughs and says there is nothing which can impress me about you. Viraj asks then why did you come here? Raghav says to see the mad person who is trying to have enmity with me. Viraj asks Raghav if I acted like mad and talks to the doll, saying Raghav uncle called him mad. He asks baby to say hi to Raghav uncle. Raghav says I don’t have time for your madness. Viraj asks him to say sorry to baby as she has feelings. Raghav says you are big mad guy and tells that he wants to sponsor mental asylum for him. Viraj laughs and says if you want to treat then have to treat everyone, as we all are mad, as we are mad for thing or persons. He says even you are mad about someone and says lets see who wins and who loses. He says you have my debt. Raghav laughs and says coming here is a waste of time, thank you for the toy show. Viraj says her name is baby just like lovely daughter. He says daughter wanted to file domestic violence case against you and then she fell down from the terrace. He says Janardhan and you was there too.

Raghav says law needs proofs. Viraj says I regard doubt as my proof. He demands him to search the person, he is searching. Raghav says he is not running fake NGO like you. Viraj says you have information of 1500000 people through your gaming App and asks him to enquire about the person he is searching. Raghav refuses. Viraj says your Abba got a new enemy and cuts his palm, congratulating him for the new friendship. Raghav cuts his hand and congrats him for the enmity.

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Dadi is watching Siya and gets sleepy. Raghav looks at Siya and goes from there. Siya gets up and follows him. She thinks God knows that her intentions are good. She thinks if I shall go there or not. She hears nurse singing lullaby and sees through the hole, that Raghav is resting his head on her lap and says you sing well Maa. Viraj tells Nihal that he will go to Raghav for Mission Siya. Raghav senses Siya is outside and checks, and says I will see you later. He asks his mother to sing lullaby again.

Viraj comes to Raghav’s house. Nihal hits on the guard’s head and make him unconscious. Viraj asks him to apologize to baby. Nihal apologizes. He switches off lights seeing the camera. Viraj gets inside Raghav’s house and says love is missing here, lets rock and roll.

Precap: Siya gets scared when Viraj blows air from his mouth on Siya.