Sahil Uppal reveals why he left Pandya Store

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Sahil Uppal is gearing up to star in the new show Saajha Sindoor alongside Stuti Giyal and Krutika Desai. Known for his previous role in Pandya Store on Star Plus, Sahil left the show midway due to dissatisfaction with his character’s development. During a recent press event for his upcoming show, Sahil shared insights about his decision to quit Pandya Store and the factors he now considers when choosing new projects.

Sahil described his time on Pandya Store as a “bad experience” due to the limited screen time and unmet promises regarding his character. At a recent promotional event, Sahil explained, “Every individual makes mistakes in their career and life. I wasn’t delivered what I was promised in that show. But here [in Saajha Sindoor], there is one hero and two heroines, so there’s no such stress.”

Sahil further elaborated on how this experience has influenced his future career choices. He stated, “From now on, because of this bad experience, I will make sure to discuss these issues beforehand so that the problem of screen space doesn’t arise. I’ve always done lead roles, and I want to continue doing so in the future.”

Saajha Sindoor also features notable actors like Neelu Waghela and Sangita Ghosh, promising an engaging storyline with a strong ensemble cast. Sahil’s enthusiasm for the new show highlights his commitment to securing roles that meet his expectations and allow him to showcase his talent fully.

Fans eagerly anticipate seeing Sahil in Saajha Sindoor, confident that his new role will provide the screen time and character depth that were missing in his previous project.

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