Rohit Suchanti Takes a Leap of Faith: Performs Daredevil Stunt for Bhagya Lakshmi, Despite On-set Injury

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Rohit Suchanti Takes a Leap of Faith: Performs Daredevil Stunt for Bhagya Lakshmi, Despite On-set Injury

In a thrilling turn of events on the sets of ‘Bhagya Lakshmi,’ actor Rohit Suchanti, who portrays the character of Rishi, recently undertook a daredevil stunt for an upcoming sequence in the show. The storyline takes a dramatic turn as Rishi and Lakshmi, having just tied the knot, find themselves in peril when Malishka, played by Maera Misshra, orchestrates a dangerous collision that sends their car hurtling down a cliff. Rohit, despite facing a minor injury during the outdoor shoot, braved the challenge of hanging on the edge of a cliff, showcasing his commitment to his character and the show.

Acting as a profession often demands actors to step out of their comfort zones and embrace challenges for personal and professional growth. Rohit Suchanti’s dedication to his role as Rishi is evident in his willingness to perform intense scenes, fight sequences, and, in this instance, a daring stunt. Talking about it in a recent interview, the actor shared, “When I was first informed about performing the stunt, I was thrilled. This sequence came at the right time because I hoped to try something new.”

Despite feeling nervous and scared, Rohit decided to take on the challenge independently. Hanging on the edge of a cliff in scorching heat presented one of the most challenging situations he had encountered. Despite suffering a minor injury on his face due to the presence of large trees and branches in the frame, Rohit persevered and completed the stunt without complaint. He expressed his satisfaction, saying, “Accomplishing it and giving the perfect shot made me very happy.”

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As the storyline unfolds, viewers can anticipate major drama in the upcoming episodes as Malishka executes her plan to harm Rishi and Lakshmi. The suspense surrounding whether they will survive this accident or if Malishka’s evil plot will succeed adds to the intrigue of the show.

‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ airs every day at 8:30 pm on Zee TV, promising viewers a gripping narrative with unexpected twists and turns.