Rishton Ki Dor – Ep 1

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Here is Ep 1! To make sure, I know there’ve been a couple of mistakes. I mentioned Muskaan as Abhinav’s sister and Abhi’s sister. So let me just make everything clear!

Muskaan is Abhi’s sister, not Abhinav’s here. Abhinav is still played by Jay Soni and Kaira is played by Aisha Ahmed. One more character to be introduced soon! Also, Abhinav here will be Luv and Kush’s brother, I didn’t want to end up killing him for no sort of reason just to unite AbhiRa here. He will be shown as thought dead at the age of 15 and Akshu will be unknown to the fact that Abhinav is her cousin.  Abhinav’s love interest (and current girlfriend in the series) will be Shagun Sharma, as Suhana. Abhinav is younger to Kairav and older to the other Goenka kids. 

Anything written in Hindi will be in italics *

Rishton Ki Dor –

 Episode 1 starts at Goenka Villa, and we see a 23 year old girl shouting for her parents.


“Kya hua Kaira? Aise chilla kyu rahi ho?” To which Kaira replied, “Kya hi kahu Papa, I have some exciting news!”

“And that is?” The father asked.

“Wait wait,” She said. “Let Mumma come first.”

“Haan haan, meri Naira.. I mean tumhari Mumma ke bina kuch batao gi bhi nahi apne Papa ko. Nickname tumhare mere se hi aya hai, bhulo mat.” He, being in jealousy mode said. Yes he loved his wife and 4 kids, but he could be playfully jealous too.

“Kya hua Kaira, sorry sorry, Tadpole No. Chaar, ghar ko sir pe kyu bithaya hai?” Naira said.

“Kaira nahi, Doctor Kaira! Aapki beti doctor hai ab se, aaj se!

“Congrats Dr. Kaira! Aaru ko bataya kya?

“No, not yet. I was going to the institute to meet her and give her these gifts for Rooh!”

“Okay, ja beta, go give the gifts.”

“Ek baat..”

“Haan, say na.”

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“I want to go to Kasauli for community service of 2 weeks.”

Naira clutched the end of her dupatta. “Kyun?”

Voh.. Tadpole No. Do ko ghar laane.”

Kartik turned around and went still, before his sab se choti rajkumari, his tadpole no. Chaar would not see tears. She was the sheltered kid, especially after their older kids went their ways. 

Lekin Kaira,” Naira said.

Please Mumma..? Agar main aapki beti ko ghar na la payi toh aap mera phone le lena but please try toh kar ne do!

“Haan Chachi, jaane do use. Kam se kam ek Goenka toh aa jayega vapas.” Luv says emotionally.

“Luv, Kush..”  Kartik says.

“Ek problem hai,” Kaira says.

“Kya hua ab?”

“Kairav, he will never say yes.” Naira says.

“Koi na, Kairav Bhaiya ko mana lenge hum.” Kush says. 

“Kis cheez ke liye?” Kairav comes.

“Um.. To let Kaira take sweets to Birla Hospital!”

“Birla Hospital hi kyu? Why not some other?”

“Bhaiya, where does Aaru Di work?”

“Tu kisi aur ko nahi milegi, sirf Aarohi ko.”

“Ok Bhaiya.”

“Luv Kush, tum dono ise drop kar dena, aur le kar bhi tumhi aana.

“Bhaiya voh toh Aaru Di ke sath ane vali thi.

“Zaroorat nahi hai. Kaira, agar tumhe jana hai hospital toh tum Luv Kush ke sath jaungi aur wapas unhi ke sath aaogi.”


Kaira, hum chalein?” Luv asked.  

Haan bhaiya, bas ek second. Mein yeh mithai aur gifts le loon Roohi ke liye.

“Great. Hum gaadi nikalte hai.” Luv says.

“Ab kaise samjha ne vale hai, ki Kasauli jane de Kaira ko?” Kush said, once they were in the car.

Precap: Yaadein, Izzat, Aur Gussa. 

How was Ep one?

I hope y’all enjoyed it! – Nishka. (P.S If the made-cover is not good, I’ll go back to what was the cover for the Preface chapter.)