Radha Mohan 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha insults Damini in front of the guests


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Radha explains that Damini used all of the methods known to trap him, but when Mohan jee did not give her any importance then she snatched everything which belonged to Mohan jee by using deception, Radha says Damini has tried to cause problems for their family in each and every way imaginable, Radha reveals Damini managed to get her to such a position where she was about to be hanged, the guests are shocked, Radha reveals that in reality Damini is not bothered by who is she hurting, the guests start wondering what is she saying, Radha explains either it is a young or elder, or even if they are her own family members all of them are just pawns for her to get what she desires, the guests are not able to believe it. Radha says Damini can go to any levels to get what she desires, Damini thinks of how she tried to get married to Mohan when he was unconscious. Radha says she can do anything ranging from threatening or even taking the life of a person, Damini has done all of the crimes. Radha turns to Mohan asking if he forgot all these things, the pain of Maa je and even the tears of Gungun. Mohan is forced to think as Radha makes him remember all the things, she asks if he forgot everything. Radha question did he forget that if Kaveri and Damini got the chance they would have killed the entire Trivedi family, as they tried to take the life of the entire family. Kaveri and Damini both are shocked.

Kadambari is praying in the Mandir while Dulari is crying, she explains she does not want to leave them all like this when Kadambari explains her mother is ill so Dulari needs to go and stay with her, kadambari says she has the entire family but her mother only has her support, Kadambari asks her to not cry like this and come back as soon as her mother gets healthy, Dulari not being able to control herself hugs Kadambari who asks her to not cry, Dulari finally leaves while Kadambari once again starts praying.

Gungun and Ajeet are enjoying the ride on the scooter, Bhushan along with Mohit are driving the car with the aim to make sure they hit the scooter from behind, Ajeet and Gungun are singing a song together.

Radha asks Mohan what benefit would he get from working for such deceptive people and says that Damini is the queen of such people as they can even harm each other for their own benefit, Damini furiously turns Radha towards her asking how can she insult her in front of her own guests, Radha angrily slaps Damini seeing which even Kaveri is stunned. The guests are not able to believe what they are seeing as Damini got slapped. Radha is furious with her, Damini turning to Radha just keeps staring at her, Radha warns how she does not like to be interrupted when she is talking with her husband she warns if Damini does it again then would be slapped even harder, Radha asks Damini to not forget that she was his servant just four days ago, Damini recalls when she used to ask Mohan to postpone any meeting, Radha explains Damini must also not forget that Mohan jee is only her husband, Radha goes to stand beside Mohan holding his hand revealing he will belong to her in the next seven lives. Kaveri calls her a Churail. Radha asks Damini what was she saying about the insult, Radha asks only those who have any self respect are insulted, but Damini does not have any respect when she for the first time thought about deceiving Mohan jee and his entire family. Radha says both she and her mother are so ill mannered as her mother called her to show how Mohan jee was being insulted in this house while working as a servant, that Mohan jee who was responsible for raising them for so many years, Damini gets worried looking at the guests, Radha says they both really like to insult other people especially Damini, but now she should see how she reveals her black secrets in front of everyone, Damini gets worried hearing it when Radha vows if she does not cause blood to come out of their ear then her name is not Radha Mohan Trivedi. Damini asks Radha what is she doing in front of everyone requesting they should go and talk in private, Radha asks if Damini is getting scared thinking about if her truth is revealed in front of all the guests, Damini is worried.

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Bhushan once again increases the speed of the car when Mohit asks him to hit them and kill them.

The guests say that they had come here to talk about the tender of Mega publication contest and desired to give Trivedi publication the entire contract but now feel that there is some issue in her family so they are going to leave, Damini quickly requests them all to stop assuring there is no family drama and it is the habit of Radha to cause such family drama so they should not pay any importance to her, Radha turns to Kaveri who is also worried. Damini goes to Radha mentioning these people wanted to talk about her business so asks Radha to leave quietly but Radha replies she will not go anywhere until she reveals her true face in front of all the guests, Damini is worried. Radha says that the company belongs to Mohan jee and he worked in it so how should Damini enjoy the benefit, Radha says she would not let it happen under any circumstance and pushing Damini aside goes to talk with the guests, Radha explains that the Damini whom they all think as the owner of Trivedi publication was actually a normal employee in the office, Radha explains Mohan was not able to go to office during the past seven years due to some personal reason but using it as an excuse she deceived him and the entire family to take control of all the business, Radha reveals the Mohan jee who built the entire Trivedi publication is now working as a servant in his own house, while today Damini wants to do business with them all using the name of Mohan jee and his company, but she does not know inly one thing that they can snatch wealth and even money but what about the expertise as how can one steal it. Radha says if they all want to work with Trivedi publication then she requests them to give only Mohan jee this chance and the tender to complete the order, while not work with a thief like Damini. Radha says if Damini can deceive Mohan jee who gave her everything along with the love and respect of a family then she can do the same with anyone. The guests start to listen to Radha who says Damini does not have any criteria as anyone who works with her would be ruined Damini is stunned hearing how Radha has been able to ruin her image in front of the guests, and the guests also start doubting so seem a bit confused.