Radha Mohan 8th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Guru maa curses the Trivedi family


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Radha says she has to brig Mohan jee out of his room hearing which Guru maa asks if Radha would be able to do it, she replies she does not have any other choice hearing which kaveri and Damini get worried. Guru maa asks Radha to walk to the front while she is following her and then Kaveri tries to pull her veil but Damini says she is not able to do it each and every time, Damini assures they would see her face after taking care of Tulsi, Kaveri asks where do they have to go when Damini asks where else as they donot have any other choice.

Radha opens the door while standing at the front with Guru, Tulsi on the other side is furious and she immediately starts walking towards them all in the body of Mohan while being furious, Guru maa quickly manages to lock the door while Tulsi demands they should open the door, Radha asks Guru maa why did she close the door, Guru maa questions if she did not see the condition of Mohan as he was preparing to attack her like an animal and who knows what might have happened. Radha says if he is not going to come out while she will not go in then who is going to save him, Guru maa stops Radha saying she cannot save Mohan hearing which they all are shocked. Damini asks if Guru maa would not save him then wh would do it but she says she has said it and demands them to leave a way for her, Guru maa leaves while they all start following her, Damini gets worried and they follow her.

Radha says Guru maa swore that she would help her, Guru maa mentions the Aatma of Tulsi has become an evil Aatma and is burning in the fire of revenge, she would kill anyone who comes in her way. Tulsi sitting in the room vows to not leave anyone but kill all of them. Guru maa mentions after fulfilling her revenge, Radha asks what will happen, Guru maa says she will leave with Mohan, they are shocked when Guru maa explains that she has said what is the truth but Radha will get three signs, Radha asks about the signs when guru maa explains that after three days there is going to be a lunar event before which she would see three changes first that he would do everything against the norms of the world, which Tulsi would force him to do. Guru maa says that first he will fly in the air and breathe in the water while the fire would not be able to harm him.

Tulsi keeps torturing Mohan who looking at the mirror pleads with her to not hurt him but she forces him to hit himself over and over again, Mohan tries to refuse and not slap himself, pleading with Tulsi to not hit him but he keeps slapping himself with his hands, Mohan using his strength manages to put down his hands, he then sees a knife placed on the desk when she starts placing it against he wrist, Tulsi using the strength is about to cut it but then refuses exclaiming she would not do it so soon and with the help of Mohan’s body she has to complete a task after which she will even take Mohan with her, she throws the knife back on the desk before leaving.

Guru maa says the second thing is that he would do it against his desires and something which he has not done, Guru maa says he would first drink alcohol and then eat meat and spend time with another women, Kaveri asks how much has Damini tried but he did not even touch her, Radha says Mohan has never seen another girl so he would not do it, Guru says that not Mohan but Tulsi would do it and she would force Mohan to do it all. Damini asks why is she talking like this, Tulsi slowly rests her head against the wall and then starts singing. Damini asks what is the third thing, Guru maa explains he is going to take the life of a human being hearing which they all are shocked, Guru maa says as per her understanding, he would take the life o someone who is related to the death of Tulsi after which she will leave from this place and Mohan will die after three days. Radha angrily tells Guru maa it is enough saying nothing of the sort would happen to her Mohan so she should remain quiet.

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Tulsi in the room is still singing the song.

Guru Maa tells Radha that she revealed the truth and it is up to her to believe it or not, she says her time has arrived so she is leaving this house. Radha turns to Damini and kaveri calling them both towards herself, Damini asks Kaveri to come when the three of them rush to close the main door, Guru maa asks why did the three of them close the door, Radha recalls when she said that even Damini and Kaveri want to know the truth of Guru maa just like her but she needs their help in it all, Radha suggests they would first make her take Tulsi out of the body of Mohan jee after that they will reveal the true face of Guru maa without which she would not let her leave, Radha asked if they both are going to help her, Kaveri and Damini both agreed.

Radha along with Damini and Kaveri start walking towards Guru maa who asks what are they doing, she quickly holds her veil demanding they should stay away from her, she even warns them but they donot listen. Guru maa says they are making a very big mistake which would ruin everything as they cannot see her face, she keeps warning them to stay away and then due to the stairs falls but the white curtain covers her face. Radha tries to see it while she is just staring at her, the rest of the family also tries to look at it when Guru maa keeps pleading with her to not do it, Radha along with everyone are shocked seeing the huge burn mark on her face, Radha asks how did her face burn, Damini is not even able to breathe properly. Guru maa says that this is why she hid her face from everyone but they were not able to accept it, saying when the face of someone is burned then it not only affects their body but even her soul and self confidence which they have brought up once again. Guru maa says she had come to help them but would not do anything now but is going to curse them, Damini pleads with Guru maa to not do it, when she says they should not forget her curse never goes to waste, she curses them saying they all would be ruined.